Wednesday 25 June 2014

Sprucing up our garden without breaking the bank.

As I have previously mentioned the garden in our new home needs a lot of TLC after being unloved and not tended to for a long time.   Even though we have slowly been trying to spruce up our garden by giving the grass some much needed TLC and ridding the garden of weeds unfortunately a lack of funds means it is a slow process to completely transform our garden from a unused barren space into a beautiful haven filled with lots of flowers, garden ornaments and garden furniture.

Being on a low income and watching our spending with a #SpendingDiary in the hope of saving money and improving our financial situation, I have decided to look upon turning our garden into a beautiful and blooming space as a long term project rather than splurging to transform the garden all in one go, spending money we can’t afford to spend to get everything we want for our garden.

As we can’t afford to spend a lot on our garden, with a lot of hard work I have been making the garden look a little better by getting rid of the weeds and clearing the garden debris left behind by the previous tenants.  The work we have done in the garden so far has improved how the garden looks without breaking the bank.

When we moved into our new home we had no garden tools, plant pots or garden furniture at all, so starting from scratch to kit our new garden could potentially be very expensive.  One of the big expenses that we needed to get for our garden was a lawnmower so that we could tend to the garden and keep it trimmed and tidy.  Dreading having to fork out the expense of buying a lawnmower I had been keeping an eye on ebay and local selling sites in the hope of picking up a second-hand lawnmower at a fraction of the cost of a new one.  Thankfully a couple of months ago my wishes for a cheap second-hand lawnmower were granted when I managed to snap up a working Flymo lawnmower on ebay for the bargain price of 99p!!!

Along with needing a lawnmower we also wanted to get a hosepipe to water the beautiful flowers and plants I hope will fill our garden over time and to be able to easily fill the paddling pool for Bug to enjoy splishy splashy fun in the garden.  Hoping to save money I shopped around to find the best price for a hosepipe, and ended up getting a bargain hosepipe on offer at Tesco where I could also use our Tesco clubcard vouchers towards the cost to save us even more money.

In an attempt to save money on bringing some colour and life our garden with plants and flowers I have been planting seeds.  As well as planting seeds I have also been keeping an eye out on sales and offers in shops for garden products.  One of the first plants to blossom in our garden was an adorable Storksbill plant from Homebase for a bargain £1 which has a new home in a plant pot that I picked up on sale at Wickes.

Thanks to the seeds which are growing and the odd plant I have bought cheaply, our garden is starting to look a lot more loved and alive with beautiful plants and flowers without our bank balance taking a hit.  The newest addition to our garden is a lovely Clematis plant that I picked up from Tesco where it was on sale at the reduced price of £1.50 plus a 20% off discount.

Hopefully by next summer our garden will be looking closer to the beautiful haven I hope to create as it is slowly transformed into a lovely space that is loved and cared for where we can enjoy spending time in.  Even though there is a lot more work to do in the garden and it could do with a lot more plants and flowers, the odd garden ornament and some garden furniture, our garden is looking a lot better without us having to spend a lot. 

We are already enjoying our garden and have enjoyed many a sunny day playing in the garden with Bug, admiring the plants and flowers that are growing and blossoming.  I love that we have a garden and that it is slowly being transformed into a beautiful space where I foresee lots of days spent in the garden with Bug this summer holidays.

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