Wednesday 2 July 2014

A magical dream winter holiday - Santa's Lapland.

Whilst it may seem absurd to be thinking about Santa and Christmas during Summer as I love all things Christmassy and like to be organised, preparing for it in advance by saving money all year round ready for the holiday season plus buying presents in sales, it is no surprise that regardless of the time of year I often think about all things Christmassy.

Also being a mum I am often reminded about Christmas and Santa from my excited little one who enchanted by the holiday season and legendary Santa cannot wait for Christmas to come around again.  My demanding threenager has already been asking for toys and treats to be added to his Christmas list and has been curiously asking what Santa is doing now in summer……does Santa go to the beach like us mama?  Does Santa have a BBQ?  Does Santa take his reindeer’s to the park?

Thankfully I have been able to quench Bug’s interest in what Santa is up to outside of the Christmas season with a little help from Santa’s news updates of what he is doing now.  News of Santa grooming his reindeer and interviewing new elves has delighted Bug who was also very excited to hear that Santa loves barbecues in the summer and loves to holiday at the beach!

As I love Christmas and think it is a magical holiday for children, I love to bring a little magic to the holiday season for Bug with a visit to see Santa at his Grotto, making reindeer dust together to sprinkle on Christmas Eve as we chant our magic reindeer poem, giving Bug a special magical key for Santa, having fun with Elf on the Shelf and being creative with lots of Christmas crafts.

As we love Christmas and enjoy making it a magical time for Bug, who as he is getting older has a true love and excitement for the magical holiday, we have started saving for a magical, one in a lifetime family winter holiday to visit Santa in Lapland.

We hope to enjoy a magical trip to see Santa in Lapland during winter with Santa’s Lapland holidays where Bug will be able to visit Santa in his homeland.  The fun and excitement of a snowmobile search to find Santa’s snowy log-cabin home would be a memorable experience and Bug would be over the moon to meet Santa and get a special gift from him in his home.

Being able to meet Santa’s reindeer’s would also be a magical experience.  Not only would Bug be able to meet Santa’s reindeer’s but he would also be able to have an unforgettable, unique experience of a reindeer sleigh ride too.  Thanks to the unique Santa’s Lapland holiday package Bug would be able to gain a souvenir ‘driving licence’ from the reindeer sleigh ride and a husky sled drive.

Whilst meeting Santa and his reindeer will be the star experience of the holiday the other amazing experiences on offer during a family holiday to Lapland will make this magical holiday truly unforgettable and remarkable.

Having lots of fun in the snow and ice would be an enjoyable experience the whole family can enjoy.  Being able to enjoy fun activities in the natural beauty of snowy Iceland would be breath taking experience.  It would be amazing to toboggan in the deep, soft snow of Lapland and have awesome snow balls fights.  Immersing ourselves in the Christmassy spirit of Lapland and Santa we would be able to enjoy fun and games with Santa’s elves in his artistic Igloo situated in wondrously beautiful surrounding.  To experience the beautiful scenery at its best, we would be able to relax on a sledge pulled by a team of beautiful husky dogs.   

When we go to Iceland for our wintery getaway to meet Santa I hope that I get the opportunity to see the Northern Lights.  Being able to experience one of the natural wonder of the world, the Aurora Borealis would be for me the highlight of the holiday to the winter wonderland.  I would be over the moon to be able to bask in the twirling and swirling light show, my breath being taken away witnessing the wondrous lights of colour sparkling across the night sky with my own eyes.

If like me you dream of visiting Lapland for lots of snow-filled fun and a visit to see the big man himself, Santa, take a look at where there are packages available for very special, magical holidays to visit Santa at his homeland at Lapland.

A visit to the beautiful winter wonderland above the Arctic Circle is a truly magical experience and I dream of the day that I get to visit Lapland with my family for an unforgettable, enchanting holiday.

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