Monday 14 July 2014

Asda Sand and Water Play Table – review.

Being a fan of playing with water and sand Bug was over the moon when Asda sent him a Sand and Water Play Table.  As soon as Bug got home from school and saw the colourful box containing his new outdoor toy he demanded asked to play with it in the garden straight away.

The Asda Sand and Water Play Table set includes a table with detachable lid perfect for covering the table when not in use and 14 sand and water toys including a watering can, plastic shaped moulds, a rake, a spade and a small bucket.

The Sand and Water Play Table is very easy to assemble and within a minute or two at the most it was assembled ready for Bug to play with immediately.  To assemble the Sand and Water Play Table I had to simply slot the legs onto the table, remove the toys from the packaging and fill with water and/or sand ready for Bug to play with.

The plastic sand and water play table feels durable and so far the table's legs have been strong and sturdy enough to withstand Bug's excited play.  Aimed at children aged 2+ years the sand and water play table measures 52 x 46.5 x 10 cm.  The table is divided into 2 sections so that the table can be filled with water on one side and sand on the other side for sand and water play.

As Mama is yet to pick up a bag of sand so far we have kept the table as a water play table.  Bug has had lots of fun playing with water in the garden using the table and the toys.  


He loves pouring water with the watering can, filling the little bucket with water and floating the shaped moulds in the water.

Bug also loves pouring water into the funnel so that the water streams down into the colourful water wheels.


Whilst Bug loves the colourful water wheels I have noticed they do not spin that well, the water usually drips down from the funnel ineffectively so that the water does not force the wheels to spin even when a large amount of water is poured into the funnel at once.  Regardless of how little the water wheels spin Bug loves to pour water through the funnel and see it flows down into the table.

As Bug loves the water wheels and the colourful labels on the wheels I do think it is a shame that in spite of having only used the sand and water play table for a couple of weeks the stickers are already showing signs of peeling and water damage.  To prevent the inevitable peeling of the stickers I think the water wheel attachment would look better in the long term if the wheels were plain colourful plastic with no label or if possible made with a colourful waterproof label design.

Even though Bug is 3 years old and is tall for his age the table is not too short for him to play at when standing and when he does get too tall that he would have to crouch down to play with the table the height of the table would allow for him to play at when kneeling.

The table holds a fair amount of water and even though it would be a bonus if the table had a plug to drain water, especially if only one side of the table is filled with water and the other side is filled with sand and you want to empty the water, the table is lightweight enough to move to pour out the water.  The table is a decent size for lots of fun play with the toys even when it does get a little crowded when all of the toys are in the table.

As I have yet to get a bag of sand for Bug to enjoy sand play with the table we decided to take a handful of the toys from the table with us on a recent trip to the beach.

Bug loved digging in the sand and playing with the moulds.

He especially loved making a little sand crab with the bright yellow crab mould.

The Asda Sand and Water Play Table is available at Asda for £15.00 which I think is great value for money for a colourful play table with lots of water and sand toys that will keep little ones entertained for hours.

*  Asda kindly send Bug the Sand and Water Play Table in return for this review, all opinions are my won and that of my number one little helper Bug *

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