Monday 14 July 2014

Fishy Friends.

I have always l loved the sea and the amazing creatures that call the ocean their home.  Not only do I love the sea, I also love rivers and the fish that swim in them.  In fact I love all water dwelling creatures and love being near any body of water, including the ocean, rivers, ponds and water features. 

For me personally there is something innately relaxing about hearing and watching water flow and I find it mesmerising to watch fish swim.  As I love fish I find it surprising that until recently I have never had fish as pets so that I could relax and watch beautiful fish swim in tanks in my home.

But now that has changed we are no longer a fish free home, we have 2 little fish swimming around in a tank in our home.

For Bug’s birthday his Aunty Boo bought him a fish tank and 2 goldfish.

Being a complete novice of how to care for fish and their tank I have been learning all about how to care for fish.  Learning to take care of our new fishy friends has been a top priority especially considering Bug loves his new fish, sitting and watching them swim with Nemo, and would be very upset if anything was to happen to his little fish. 

It has been a daunting task caring for Bug’s fish so that I do not cause them any harm and making sure I have everything needed to keep them and their home in tip top condition so that they grow and survive happily.  Thankfully though the task of looking after the fish and making sure I have all the fishy essentials needed to care for them and their home well has been helped by All Pond Solutions who have been my go-to company for all fish and aquarium related products including fish tank gravel, fish food, filters and aquarium water treatments and water conditioners.

Now that we are the proud owners of fish and I am quickly getting to grips with how to care for them and their home I would love to get a bigger aquarium filled with beautiful tropical fish that I could sit and watch, falling into a relaxed trance as I am mesmerised watching them swim around.

*  In collaboration with All Pond Solutions *

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