Friday 11 July 2014

YUUworld YUUtuu Children’s Bag - review

Bug loves bags, proudly cherishing his bags especially his special library book bag and his new bright yellow BumbleBee bag for school. 

As Bug has a penchant for bags and loves having his very own bag so that he can use it to carry his treasured possessions or the items of the day needed for his adventures, Bug was over the moon to be sent a new bag all of his very own – a YUUworld YUUtuu bag.

Unsatisfied with poor quality children's backpacks that provide no support to growing children and their backs YUUworld created the YUU bag.  Using advice provided by Backcare, the UK’s charity for back care and healthier backs, YUUworld produced the YUU bag a supportive and lightweight backpack with incorporated ergonomic features aimed at helping support the growing spines of children.  The YUUworld children's activity backpacks are designed to be functional, supportive and fun.  

Following on from the YUU bag, YUUworld created a smaller sized bag the YUUtuu which is designed for younger YUUkids aged from 3 to 6 years.

Based on the successful design of the original award winning YUU bag the smaller YUUtuu bag is also ergonomically designed to provide optimum support to children's backs and posture with the compressed light-weight material helping ensure children do not carry heavy backpacks. 

The bag's bespoke moulded foam shell ensures the weight of the backpack and its contents is evenly disturbed across the back as does the adjustable wide padded foam straps and chest-strap.  As well as ensuring even weight distribution the adjustable wide padded straps and chest-strap also prevents the backpack pulling on shoulders making the backpack comfortable for YUUkids to wear.  The bag also features on the straps reflective strips and an inbuilt whistle on the chest-strap.

Thanks to the adjustable straps the bag fits Bug really well and comfortably.   On many outings with the bag Bug has worn the bag throughout our adventure regardless of how much he has put in the bag which to me shows that he must find the bag comfortable with the weight of the bag and its contents being evenly distributed across his bag as he normally complains with his other bags that they are too heavy after a while and demands that Mama carries the bag instead but this has not happened yet with his new YUUtuu bag.

The bag and its material looks and feels of a high quality and the design is of an excellent standard.  One little design feature I like is the long zip cords that helps make it easier for Bug to open and close the bag by himself.  The bag also features a useful hanging hook.

The YUUtuu bag is currently available in 2 colourful and funky designs, the orange dinosaur themed GRUUR design and the pink seahorses and mermaids Spluush design.  Being a fan of dinosaurs Bug was delighted to be sent the colourful GRUUR YUUtuu bag.  Bug loves the bright, vivid orange bag with the funky dinosaur design and calls the bag his dinosaur bag.

Whilst Bug has been taking care of his new dinosaur bag as if it was sacred treasure after one muddy adventure in the woods it was looking a tad dirty with splatters of mud but thankfully we were able to get the bag looking as good as new with a quick surface wipe using a damp cloth.  I like the fact that the bag can be cleaned easily and that the bag dried quickly after being cleaned.

The YUUtuu bag comes with a free YUUfun activity pack which includes a magnetic snakes and ladders board, colour pencils, A5 pad, keyring, deskcard insert that YUUkids can write their details onto if they wish to and a YUUclub full membership card .

To gain membership to the YUUclub YUUkids need to visit where they can enter their YUUnique number to become a YUUclubber and be part of the exclusive YUUclub where they can showcase their artwork, play games and enter competitions.

The magnetic snakes and ladders board has been a hit with Bug who has had lots of fun playing the game.  Bug also loves the colour pencils and pad, enjoying getting creative as he draws an array of creations from his imagination.  The YUUfun activity pack included with the bag is a great bonus and the magnetic snakes and ladders board and colour pencils with drawing pad is great for keeping children entertained when travelling.

The contents of YUUfun activity pack fits perfectly into the YUUTuu bag’s various pockets and compartments.  Inside the YUUtuu bag there is an array of different pockets and compartments where children can store their items tidily and organised.   There is a pocket for everything and plenty of room inside of the bag for children to store their essentials when about and about.  As the bag contains so many organised pockets and compartments, and has lots of room inside the bag is very versatile – it is perfect for daily use, great as a school bag, useful for storing essential items when going on trips and adventures, perfect for travel being cleverly designed as useful hand luggage for children when going on holidays and makes for a funky sleepover bag.

The YUUtuu bag also features a fold-down desk which used with the deskcard insert allows children to use the YUUdesk to lean on when playing the magnetic snakes and ladders board or writing/drawing in their pad when out and about and on the go.

On the outside of the bag there is also 2 other pockets, on the one side a zipped pocket and on the other side a pocket for storing drinks.  The zipped pocket is great storing essentials that children need to grab quickly and the drinks pocket is useful as children can grab their drinks when needed without having to open the bag and having the drinks in a designated pocket on the outside prevents any spills happening inside the bag.  The only downside we have found is that the drinks pocket is very tight and too small to hold a bigger water bottle, but with time and use the elastic on the pocket may stretch a little making it easier to accommodate a larger drinks bottle.

Bug loves new dinosaur bag and treasures it as if it was a prized possession, with it being his favourite bag for all of our adventures and day trips.  I can see this bag lasting Bug a long time and as the bag is of such quality and appears to be very robust I think it will withstand lots of use and last well, but only time will truly tell whether it will withstand adventures galore and lots of holidays over the years.  I am very impressed with the cleverly designed bag and would highly recommend it especially due to the fact that it has been ergonomically designed to protect children’s growing spine and prevent impairment of children’s posture.

The YUUtuu bags currently sell for £38 which I admit seems expensive for a backpack but I do think that that it is a worthwhile investment for a high quality backpack that protects children’s growing spines and is designed to ensure that the weight of the backpack and its contents is evenly distrusted across the back.

You can see the full range of YUUworld products on their website, including the original award winning YUU bag.  To keep up to date with YUUworld news pop on over to the YUUworld Facebook Page and follow @YUUworldHQ on Twitter.

*  Bug was sent a YUUTuu bag as I am a member of Fuel My Blog for an open and honest review, all opinions are my own and those of my little helper Bug *

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