Sunday 31 August 2014

Superhero School Uniform - #DebsDreamUniform

I’ve mentioned before when Bug made his Superfruit how much he loves superheroes. He is superhero mad. A day does not go by without me hearing the name ‘Batman’, ‘Spiderman’ or ‘Superman’ uttered by Bug and he often declares he is a superhero; being either his own unique superhero or one of his favourite superheroes or a mixture of all them rolled into one – Super-Bat-Bat (Superman and Batman), Captain-Iron-America-man (Ironman and Captain America) or another imaginative mixture of Superheroes.

He loves wearing clothes emblazoned with his favourite superheroes.

He loves to pretend he is a superhero – flying through the air, racing off to rescue people and save the day, shooting webs like his Spiderman and speeding off his own Batmobile.

He also loves to transform into a superhero by having his face painted.

As Bug loves superheroes so much and loves to wear superhero themed clothes when Bug started school last term I was not surprised that he often asked to wear his superhero clothes to school instead of his school uniform. Thankfully as Bug’s wish to dress as a superhero to school was not possible he soon adjusted to wear a school uniform everyday realising that wearing his school uniform means that he is off to school for lots of play with his friends and fun learning.

Even though Bug has come to love his school uniform it came as no surprise to me that when I asked him what clothes he would love to wear to school if he could wear anything that his choice was a Superhero themed school uniform.

With Spiderman, Superman and Batman being Bug’s favourite superheroes he wanted to have a school uniform that was a mix of his favourite superheroes.

To his Superhero themed school uniform he also wanted to add a touch of Transformers muscle to his Special Superhero uniform so that he could be transformed into a mixture of his favourite Superheroes with the addition of Transformers robot power (having fallen a little bit more in love with The Transformers after a recent meeting with Bumblebee and Optimus Prime) to be transformed into Super-Spidey-Bat-Bat-Robot – a super special Superhero.

To be transformed into Super-Spidey-Bat-Bat-Robot Bug choose from Debenham’s range of kids clothes a pair of Adidas Spiderman Trainers, a pair of Bluezoo slim twisted jeans in blue, a dark grey Batman t-shirt, a Superman hoodie, a Spiderman hat and gloves set and a Transformers backpack. Bug's school uniform can also be seen on his pinterest Superhero school uniform moodboard.

Excited about his super special Superhero Bug wanted to create a special picture of himself as the Superhero Super-Spidey-Bat-Bat-Robot (excuse the messy face paint).

With a little help from mummy who listened to the demands of Bug to have spiderwebs, batwings and a special Superhero badge by creating special stickers for Bug to use in his painting, the Superhero of his imagination was created and brought to life in his special painting to show how he could shoot spiderwebs, be strong like Batman, have a magical robot power in his cape, fly like Superman and leave a glittering trail in his wake.

The only downside of creating his special Superhero school uniform is that he now wants to have it to wear to school when he goes back this week.

As Super-Spidey-Bat-Bat-Robot won’t be making an appearance at school anytime soon Bug will be wearing his normal school uniform to school, looking like normal just as if he was Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne keeping his Superhero life a secret, and unleashing his true Superhero self when he saves the day when we are off together having lots of fun and adventures!

* This is my Bug’s entry into the Debenhams Back to School competition on *


  1. oh my, that's an awesome set of superhuman clothing. Thanks for entering.

    1. Thank you :) the only downside of entering is that Bug now really, really wants the uniform especially the Adidas Spiderman Trainers.

  2. A great post full of superhero inspiration :)