Thursday 23 October 2014

Adventures on Autumn days,

We love being in the great outdoors. Throughout the year we love any excuse to get outside to explore and play.

To me ever season has its own special charm. The beauty of each season is a wonder to experience and we love nothing more than having adventures in the great outdoors as we bask in the beauty and magic that each season has to offer.

 At the moment we are relishing Autumn. We are enjoying Autumn days spent having adventures in the crisp Autumn air. We love kicking crisp golden brown leaves and hearing the crunch of leaves underfoot as we enjoy long walks, escapades at the local castle ruins and hours spent playing at the park.

During Autumn as we edge ever closer to Winter we dig out our wellies and waterproofs for wet Autumn days for lots of fun puddle jumping and walks in the rain and our woolly jumpers for the dry, yet chilly other Autumn days when we enjoy our adventures in the crisp, fresh Autumn air.

For our recent adventure in the great outdoors when we enjoyed the beauty that Autumn has to offer on a lovely dry Autumn day when the sun was shining beautifully and the air was fresh and crisp, Bug wore a new outfit courtesy of House of Fraser.

Wearing his new outfit Bug set off to explore our local Castle.

He raced around the Castle, exploring and having fun in the majestic ruins.

Before imagining he was a solider from days-gone-by protecting the Castle from ‘baddies’ with the help of the mighty cannon.

The super soft and uber cosy Polarn O. Pyret Boys Marl Sweater was perfect for keeping for keeping the Autumn chill at bay as we had adventures in the great outdoors. The jumper is so snugly and soft that I wish it was in my size!

The Start Rite Skate Park Blue Canvas shoes were comfy and robust on his feet as he ran, played and explored.........mummy also loves the fact that they can washed which with a boisterous little boy who attracts mud and dirt is a lifesaver for keeping shoes looking like new.

A trip into town would not be complete without a play at the park where the comfortableness and robustness of the Polarn O. Pyret Regular Fit Mid Blue Jeans with stretch fabric were put to the test as Bug climbed, slid and played.  After a very energetic play at the park Bug declared the jeans to be very comfy and ‘good for keeping his little legs warm’, and the jeans robustness shone through as they looked as good as new in spite of a fall or two as he raced around.

No Autumn adventure would be complete without some leaf play especially as Bug cannot resist a pile of rusty coloured leaves to walk through to hear them rustle and crunch underfoot before kicking them up into the air.

We had a lovely afternoon spent having adventures together enjoying the wonder of Autumn on a lovely, beautiful day with Bug showcasing his new outfit that he simply loves!

Thanks House of Fraser! Bug loved your seasonal clothes!

You can find more clothing perfect for autumn on their website.

* Disclaimer: Bug was sent the clothes free of charge for the purpose of this review but all opinions and photographs are my own *

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