Friday 24 October 2014

Gifts from the heart.

With a number of loved ones to buy gifts for this Christmas I have already been looking for and buying gifts in an attempt to be organised so no last minute panic shopping happens and so that I can get the ‘perfect gift’ to give to our loved ones.

I’ve always loved buying gifts before beautifully wrapping them and I always like to put some thought into what to gift loved ones, giving them a gift from the heart usually a personalised or homemade gift, rather than a generic or lacklustre gift.

Personalised wooden gifts
I love wooden gifts, especially personalised wooden gifts that are expertly engraved with a personal touch. The beauty of a personalised wooden gift is that they are a beautiful combination of a practical gift with a loving personalisation. For wine lovers a luxurious wooden wine box with a personal message is a lovely gift and for food enthusiasts with a love for cheese a wooden cheeseboard lovingly personalised makes for a perfect gift.

Personalised wooden spoons also make for a lovely gift to give loved ones, especially the bakers and cooks. These gorgeous personalised wooden spoons from Aunti Mims have previously been a hit with our loved ones and are on order again this year to be gifted to a few more budding bakers of the family.

Homemade bath pampering products
I am a huge fan of homemade gifts as I believe they are a great way to show you care and the personal touch of making the gift can really show you have gone the extra mile to give someone a loving gift they will love.

As I am also a fan of pampering products I love making homemade bath pampering products, specifically homemade bath bombs and homemade bath salts. Making your own homemade bath pampering products to give as gifts in place of store bought bath products really show you care and want to give them a lovingly made gift that they can use for some relaxing pampering.

Personalised calendar
Personalised calendars are a lovely combination of a practical gift that can be used all year round and an individual gift with a personal touch. Personalised calendars filled with personal photographs are a lovely way to share memories with other loved ones.

Not only are personalised photo calendars lovely, personal and sentimental gifts but they are also very practical gifts too allowing loved ones to keep track of their day to day lives and help them never forget a date again whilst also admiring the gorgeous photographs you have included within the calendar. A photo calendar by Photobox is a truly personal gift that will be a hit with loved ones at Christmas. Personalised photo calendars are a lovely way to document the past year and share special memories with family and friends, being a particularly lovely gift to give to loved ones who live away.

Homemade personalised plaque
A homemade plaque is a lovely keepsake gift. Making a homemade handprint and/or footprint plaque from salt dough of your baby/child’s precious prints to gift to your loved ones is a very personal, unique and loving gift that can be treasured for years to come.

Little ones can also get involved with creating a homemade personalised plaque to gift to loved ones by adding extra treasures or imprints to the plaque. For green fingered loved ones a personal homemade garden plaque would make for a very lovely and sentimental gift.


Why not go the extra mile this Christmas and show your loved ones you care with a personalised or homemade gift.

Do you have any personalised or homemade gift ideas?

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