Tuesday 7 October 2014

My Songs for children on Spotify.

USM Junior launches first UK based music discovery app ‘My Songs’ for children on Spotify.

We are a family of music lovers, with both Lee and I appreciating and enjoying a vast range of music genres and a mix of artists. As we both love music we always planned on introducing Bug to music from an early age, introducing him to a range of music genres over the years so that he experiences an eclectic mix of artists and music.

Having listened to a wide range of music from an early age Bug loves a variety of music. He loves dancing along to music; strutting his stuff like a little superstar.

As Bug loves music he loves a new free app on Spotify called ‘My Songs’. The safe and kid friendly app helps children discover the very best music online, introducing children to a variety of music genres.

The app can be found on the App Finder on Spotify and is available with both the free and premium versions. Using the My Songs app you can share, save and play songs.

My Songs is easy to use and provides children with a variety of music and songs to listen to. There are a number of music themes for children to explore; including pop, classics and party songs. Themed songs are collected together in compilation albums. Using the app children can make playlists for parties, make a spooky compilation for Halloween or get in the Christmas mood with the Christmas themed songs.

The app is a fun tool for children to use and with such a wide variety of songs available they will be kept entertained as they enjoy their favourite songs and discover new songs and music genres to enjoy.

Being a fan of learning through play and fun I love the Learning Songs in the ‘My Favourite Learning Album’ which is a great education resource to encourage little ones to learn their alphabet and numbers through the fun of music.

We have also enjoyed the songs in ‘My Favourite Lullabies’ album from the Bedtime Songs category. We love listening to songs during the bedtime routine as Bug calms down and relaxes ready for bed and the app has come in very useful during this time for us to listen to soothing, well-loved and new bedtime lullabies.

My Songs is a great little app and a great way for children to explore and discover music in a safe and secure way. The colourful, easy to navigate app is perfect for little ones who love music and with such a range of music available there is something for everyone. Thanks to the Lullabies section even the youngest little music lovers can enjoy the songs collated within the app.

With such a variety of music genres available via the app I think My Songs is the perfect app to use to make kid friendly playlists for all occasions, being especially useful for birthday parties….I already plan on using it to make a playlist for Bug’s birthday party next year. As Bug loves exploring the app for songs to sing and dance to I envision this app being used for many years to come.

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