Sunday 1 February 2015

NibNibs premium snacks.

We were recently sent a selection of finest snacks to try from snack makers NibNibs.

NibNibs are a company who sell award winning, premium snacks made in the North Yorkshire, UK. The snacks contain all natural flavours and made with hand-picked quality ingredients sourced from British suppliers.

We were sent a selection of snacks from NibNibs’ range –
* Exceptional cheddar cheese straws (110g)
* Mini Nibs exceptional cheddar & cheeky onion straws (65g)
* Mini Nibs exceptional cheddar cheese straws (65g)
* Mini Nibs exceptional cheddar & spicy chilli straws (65g)

The Mini Nibs come in a handy little resealable tub so if you don’t devour them all in one go you can reseal the tub. The tubs also feature a pull-back foil lid to help keep the snacks fresh.

Albeit a little later than planned due to delivery issues thanks to our Postman we gifted the NibNibs treats in a foodie gift box for my mum and her partner.

After a food and drink filled evening in we soon heard what they thought of NibNibs snacks……..

Both were impressed with the snacks.

Firstly they liked the cute little tubs and the fact that they are resealable……even though they did inform me that the snacks were so moreish that unfortunately they were devoured in one-sitting so they did not need to use the resealing tubs to keep the snacks for another occasion. The fact that the Mini Nibs snacks are bite size meant that they were so easy and tempting to keep popping into their mouths. They also loved the fact that the tubs were full with snacks rather than be half empty, and as the snacks were so tasty it was a bonus that there was plenty to enjoy.

All of the snacks have the base ingredients of wheat flour from Yorkshire Mills, mature British cheddar cheese and British butter; which together according to my taste-tasters think make delicious and very moreish snacks. Described as “yummy all butter pastry straws with oodles of Mature British Cheddar”, our tasters thought that the cheddar cheese straw breadsticks and mini cheddar cheese straws were a lovely texture and the cheesy flavour was flavoursome yet not overpowering and most of all very delicious. They also appreciated the fact that the pastry cheese straws are twice baked which gave them a lovely crunchy texture.

Likewise the cheddar & onions straws were also delicious, melt-in-the-mouth and the flavour was subtle. As my mum is not a huge fan of spicy food she was a tad apprehensive of the cheddar & spicy chilli straws but after a few drinks and a night of snacking she was keen to give them a try and found them very pleasant and thanks to the complementary cheese flavour the chilli flavour was not too spicy or overpowering for her. The taste testers said the balance of cheese to chilli was just right!

NibNibs’ snacks are perfect for a delicious treat at home and the Mini Nibs tubs also make them handy for snacking on when travelling. Also as we can attest with our taste testers having loved the foodie hamper that included the NibNibs snacks, they also make a great addition to a food hamper gift.

If you would like to try these artisan baked, finest quality nibbles from reassuringly local Yorkshire yourself then check out their local stockists here.

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