Friday 15 May 2015

Lottery win wishlist.

Like most people, I have dreamed about winning the lottery. Dreaming about what I would do if my numbers came in and I won big.

Whilst I may not play the lottery on a regular basis I do dabble every once in a while in the hope of having a little win, or even better a big win!

When I am feeling a little lucky I will pick up a lottery ticket whilst shopping or buy online lottery tickets, then cross my fingers and hope that lady luck is shining down on me and that my numbers come up.

Admittedly if we won BIG many of my spending dreams would be rather predictable ones such as going on a wonderful family holiday and buying a house. I’d also love to treat loved ones to things they desire the most. Putting money aside for our children’s future and a rainy day would also be top of the list if our numbers came in for a BIG win.

Whilst the idea of a BIG, life-changing win is a wonderful dream; I would be more than happy with a win of a few thousand pounds to help make life that little bit easier and enable us to get a few key things that we want most at the moment.

Although a brand new, top-of-the-range car is appealing I would be more than happy with a lottery win that gave us enough money to buy a second hand car to upgrade from the one we currently have. It would be amazing to be able to get a slightly newer car age-wise and one that is slightly bigger in size for our growing family.

Big boy bed
I’d love nothing more than to be able to afford to re-decorate Bug’s bedroom and buy him a new big boy bed. Being car mad he would be over the moon to be able to go to sleep after a race or two in a fun racing car bed, or as he equally loves superheroes he would love a superhero themed bed.

Baby bits and bobs
Whilst we are pretty much sorted for all things essentially needed for our new arrival there are a few baby bits and bobs that I would love to get.

Co-sleeper cot
Being a fan of co-sleeping I would be delighted to get a specifically designed co-sleeper cot for our new baby so that baby can be safely close to me for bonding and breastfeeding. As we do not have ‘spare’ money at the moment to get a co-sleeper cot I have not really researched which one would be best for us however as a dreamer I have lusted after a few such as the Cosatto Close to Me Bedside Cot, the Snuz Pod, the Chicco Next2Me, the Bednest Bedside Crib and the Stokke Sleepi Cot Bed.

Babywearing wrap/carrier
As I did with Bug I plan on babywearing with our new addition. Whilst I do have a mei-tai and a stretchy wrap from my babywearing days with Bug, I sadly no longer have my beloved Moby wrap which got damaged in a house fire.

Although I never had a huge collection of wraps or carriers when babywearing with Bug I did and still do lust after a number of gorgeous wraps and carriers, as such I would love to add to my babywearing collection with a couple of other wraps or carriers.

I specifically desire a woven wrap. As I love so many woven wraps it would be hard to name them all, but a couple of my favourites are Kodaki Wraps especially their Mr Wunderland Wrap and Firespiral Slings especially the woven wraps from the Alchemy range……..sigh!!

Now all I need is for lady luck to shine down on us and treat us to a little (or BIG if she is feeling generous) win to help us get my dream wishes,

What would be on your lottery win wishlist?

* Post in collaboration with Lottosend *

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