Monday 29 June 2015

Big boy trip to the cinema.

This weekend at the grand old age of 4 Bug had his first trip to the cinema to watch a film.

We have been thinking for a while now of taking Bug to the cinema as his love of films has come alive having previously never had the patience to sit still long enough to enjoy a film from start to finish. As we have had so much going on of late we had not managed a trip to the cinema until this weekend.

So as not to put it off much longer or be at greater risk of going into labour mid film, this past weekend we popped to our local Vue cinema to watch the Minions.

Having previously loved Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2, Bug was super excited about watch the Minions film at the cinema.

Throughout the film Bug sat mesmerized by the Minions and their adventures, guzzling an icy drink and munching on popcorn throughout.

Bug loved his first big boy trip to the cinema, loved the Minions film and can’t wait to go to the cinema again! Plus it was a big bonus that Jelly Bean stayed put and my water did not break and I did not go into labour!

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