Monday 3 August 2015

Mad about Minions - #OneInAMinion

Like many households across the country, ours is inhabited by a little person (plus a couple of big kid adults) who is mad about Minions. Ever since he first saw the adorable and funny yellow Minions in the Despicable Me films, Bug has loved Minions.

In fact Bug’s first ever trip to the cinema was to watch the latest installment of Minions madness – Minions.

As Bug loves Minions so much he can’t resist Minions merchandise. I want’s along with shrieks of delight and declarations of ‘yay Minions’ come rushing out of Bug’s mouth any time he sees anything Minion themed.

Thanks to Asda I can satisfy Bug’s desire for anything and everything Minion themed with their great range of Minions merchandise. George at Asda has a mighty range of Minions clothing and accessories.

As well as Minions clothing, Asda also has a monumental Minions range of Minion themed toys and homeware items.

To celebrate how magnificent Minions and share the Minion love, Asda sent Bug a lovely selection of Minions goodies.

As a picture tells a Minion words, I’ll let these pictures do the talking and tell you how much Bug loved his Minions goodies and how they made him feel #OneInAMinion

With a mighty range of Minion goodies there is something for every Minions fan, little and big kids alike! So if you are a Minions fan or have a little one who is mad about Minions, take a look at the full range of Minions merchandise available at Asda and join in on the Minions Mayhem!

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