Sunday 6 December 2015

Gift giving.

I love Christmas. There is something very uplifting about the festive season. I love the magic of Santa and visits to Santa’s Grotto. I love seeing the joy of Christmas on children’s faces. I love sparkling decorations and twinkling Christmas lights. I love Christmas markets and Christmas shopping. I love Christmas inspired crafts. I love Christmas treats. I love everything about Christmas!

One of the things I love most about this magical time of year is gift giving.

Whilst I am a believer of being there for friends and family all year round and that Christmas should not be the only time to be kind and give to others I do love the excuse of Christmas to give my loved ones a thoughtful gift that I know they will love.

Even though I prefer giving to receiving gifts, I do love it when I loved ones are kind to give gifts to me too. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to receive a number of lovely gifts that I have loved receiving.

Homemade and thoughtful gifts from my children are my most treasured gifts. I also love the gifts that Lee has given me over the years. His gifts have always been ones that has had a lot of love and thought put into them.

As highlighted in the Top Ten Greatest Gifts Infographic by Currys a bit of bling is a romantic gift. Whilst jewellery can at times be a cop-out gift I love the bling that Lee has bought for me over the years as he has always put time and thought into the jewellery he has given me.

My favourite piece of jewellery he has bought be (not counting my engagement ring) is a pair of necklaces he bought on our first Christmas together when I was expecting Bug. He bought a sparkling Swarovski heart pendant with matching baby Swarovski heart which he gave to me with a little poem saying they represented his heart and the heart of our unborn baby.

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