Saturday 5 December 2015

Little Donkey, Little Donkey.

I have fond memories of taking part in my school’s Christmas concerts as a child. I never had the starring role, which as a bit of a wallflower I was relieved about. Over the years I was Mrs Claus, the magic mirror in Snow White, the Star of Bethlehem and an Angel. I was very lucky that as my mum is a dab hand at sewing and costume making every year without fail she would make a costume for me and my sister from scratch.

Having admired my mum’s prowess at costume making I have always hoped to follow her footsteps and make my children their fancy dress costumes for school events and concerts. Last year for Bug’s Christmas concert along with World Book Day and the Barnardo’s Pirate Toddle Walk, I lived up to my hopes and make Bug costumes myself.

When school told us about Bug needing a donkey costume for this year’s Christmas costume I hoped to make it myself but thanks to us all being struck down with illness and a huge amount of other commitments to deal with making a costume was not going to be that possible. To make things a little easier and take the strain off I went on the search for a pre-made costume for Bug.

Thankfully Fun Warehouse came to my rescue with their Donkey costume.

The cute Donkey costume is an all-in-one onesie with hood.

The hood is an adorable donkey head that allows your little one to transform into a cute little donkey.

The high quality donkey costume details include eyes, ears and hair trim.

The costume also has a donkey tail which is removable. To pin the tail on the donkey you attach it using the Velcro tab.

The material is breathable which I love so that my little donkey does not get too hot in it.

Bug loves the cute donkey with point ears and cannot wait to star as a donkey in his school Christmas concert.

I cannot wait to see Bug in his donkey costume as he sings little donkey in his school Christmas concert.

If you are in need of a nativity fancy dress costume for your child’s Christmas concert head on over to where you can also find a great choice of other fancy dress costumes.

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