Thursday 10 December 2015

Keeping your home safe this Christmas.

As the nights are now darker your chances of being burgled are greater than during spring and summer months. Darkness provides burglars cover from being seen when breaking into homes to steal people’s prised possessions. Not only is this time of year appealing to burglars due to the early dark nights, but also due to the fact that Christmas is on the horizon.

Christmas is an attractive time for burglars with presents aplenty sitting appealingly under decorated Christmas trees. Burglars pray on the wealth of presents occupying homes across the country before and after Christmas, with all the new gifts being a prosperous bounty for criminals.

As your chances of being burgled are higher during the festive season it is worthwhile taking a look at your home security.

To try to prevent your home being targeted by burglars it is vital to ensure your home security is at its best and that any security weaknesses are fixed.

To help you check and improve your home security why not take a look at the following tips -

* Locks
Make sure your locks are quality locks. If your locks are faulty make sure they are replaced and have quality locks installed for optimum security. Also as well as locking your doors, make sure you use window locks if you have them and if you don’t why not consider investing in windows with locks.

As burglars are using tricks to reach through your letter box to get at keys make sure you do not leave your keys within sight and reach. Also make sure you don’t leave spare keys under a plant pot or mat as this would be heaven for a burglar.

* Lighting
Put off potential burglars by keeping the exterior area surrounding your home well-lit.

Use timers on lighting if you are going away or leaving the home unattended for a long period of time during the evening/night to make it appear as if someone is home which will increase the chances of deterring an intruder.

* Alarm
Having a home security alarm will be a deterrent to burglars and also alert you to any break-ins. Whilst getting a home security alarm may seem like a costly option it is a worthwhile investment for protecting your home and family.

Window shock alarms are also a worthwhile investment as they will deter criminals from attempting to break-in.

* Remote monitoring
Consider investing in a high tech Smart Home System from Panasonic so that you can keep an eye on and control your home no matter where you are, at home or away. The Smart Home allows you to control, monitor and secure your home giving you peace of mind.

The smart system uses devices such as motion detectors, window and door sensors, and interior and exterior cameras to give you control of your home. You get full control of monitoring your home thanks to the fact that when one of the systems are triggered an audible alarm is sent to your phone or tablet. Take a look at the video below to see how the system works with exterior cameras –

Check your home security to make sure it secure with deterrents in place discourage burglars to reduce your chance of being a victim of home burglary, so that you can keep your home, possessions and family safe this Christmas.

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