Wednesday 9 December 2015

Rockin' Christmas kids clothes.

Every Christmas day since I was a young child after a morning spent opening Christmas presents and excitedly playing with the new toys and goodies (boxes too I’m sure) we would get dressed up in smart, fancy clothes for the rest of the day which we would enjoy with family as we tucked into the eagerly anticipated delicious Christmas dinner.

As I have fond memories of the Christmases of my childhood, now that I am a parent I am introducing family traditions from my childhood into my own little family. Looking at photographs from past Christmases from when I was a child I love that we used to dress up in our best clothes, often new clothes we had been gifted that day.

Bringing the tradition of dressing in lovely clothes for Christmas day after a morning of wearing PJ’s from our Christmas eve box as we open the presents under the tree and in our stockings from Santa, I like to get Bug, and now Jelly Bean too, a lovely new outfit.

As we adore our Rockin' Baby ring sling and love our Rockin’ Baby’s kidswear clothing, being very impressed with the quality and design, having an outfit from Rockin’ Baby for Bug and Jelly Bean as their Christmas day outfits seemed to be a rockingly good idea.

As I think there it is super cute to see a little boy looking all smart in a shirt and trousers I decided on getting him a lovely new shirt - the Checker Blue Plaid Shirt, and pair of trousers – Chester Stone Chinos.

The shirt is a lovely checked design of browns, white and blue. The material is sumptuous, being super soft and flannel like.

The shirt features a smart button down collar and pocket. The shirt is long sleeved however it can be transformed into a short sleeved shirt by rolling up the sleeves and securing with the buttons featured on the sleeves.

To compliment his shirt and have a complete smart outfit for Bug this Christmas I decided on the Chester Stone Chinos. As the trendy chino pants look very smart with a shirt but could equally be worn with a t-shirt for a more casual look I thought these trousers would be ideal for his smart Christmas outfit whilst also being suitable for use afterwards for more ‘normal’ days making them useful all year round and better value for money than an outfit that could only be worn a handful of times.

The chinos are a lovely stone colour that looks great with the shirt. The material is pleasant to touch with the chinos being made from 100% cotton.

The trousers have 2 front pockets and 1 back pocket, and have a zip and button closing. They also feature an adjustable waistband to provide the upmost comfort and fit for growing boys.

As we have a tradition of putting the Christmas tree up and decorated together as a family I thought it was the ideal time for Bug to try out his special Christmas outfit.

I love his smart outfit which will be worn when we enjoy the special visit to go see Santa as well as being the lovely outfit that he will wear on Christmas day as we have Christmas dinner and quality time together with family.

As the colour red is commonly associated with Christmas I could not resist this adorable Cuddlin’ Red Velour All-In-One for Jelly Bean as it is a lovely deluxe suit that I think is perfect for this time of year.

Just like the other Rockin’ Baby clothing we have, the all-in-one velour outfit is made to a superb high quality. The velour suit is a beautiful, luxurious red colour with delicate pink trim which looks lovely against the red.

The all-in-one suit features both poppers at the bottom and a zip closing. The suit features closed feet ideal for keeping little ones’ little feet warm. The suit is hooded with the inside of the hood being brilliant white with fun coloured spots scattered in a random fashion.

The suit has stars embossed on it; white stars with subtle pink stitching which stand out beautifully against the red can be found on the knees and elbows, and red stars against crisp white on the soles of the feet.

The lovely red colour reminds me of Christmas and seeing Jelly Bean wear this throughout December is getting me in the Christmas spirit. As this outfit reminds me of this festive season I made sure Jelly Bean was wearing it when we put up our Christmas tree as a family.

The velour material is very luxurious and the material is soft and comfortable against his skin. Thanks to the plush material which is sumptuous and thick he is cosy and warm which is ideal during these colder months.

As this outfit is so luxurious and plush, and sparks thoughts of Christmas not only will Jelly Bean as well as wearing it often during December as we count down to Christmas this Cuddlin’ Red Velour All-In-One outfit will also be worn when he has his first ever visit with Santa and be his special Christmas day outfit.

With both my boys looking smart and it being lovely quality time together decorating the Christmas tree I thought it was an ideal opportunity to get some photographs of them together, 2 brothers during their first Christmas together.

I can’t wait until Christmas day when my boys will once again be wearing these lovely Rockin’ Baby clothes.

Do you and your children wear special clothes for Christmas day?


  1. Oh my word those outfits are just fabulous, too cute! Great photos, your tree is lovely too.x

  2. These are just beautiful outfits, the toes on the baby grow!! Adorable. I love how cheeky your big boy is, the photo of him putting the ornament on the tree is a keeper :)

  3. Awww such gorgeous boys with their lovely outfits on! They look such good quality! xx

  4. That sleep suit! ITs stunning. I LOVE this idea too. Lovely pictures!

  5. I love these clothes and you have a couple of very cute models to show them off! Great pictures, thanks for sharing this.

  6. Totally love the Christmas sleep suit, so adorable!

  7. Beautiful outfits and tender sibling pictures! We do have Christmas outfits here as well, it makes the whole thing even more magical!xx

  8. That red suit is gorgeous! I wish they made that in adult size! I would wear it all the time! :D
    The photos are super gorgeous! :)