Thursday 28 January 2016

Our home, our story - #MyHomeStories

I believe a house becomes a home through the memories and experiences you have there. As you live your life and put your stamp on your house, the house you live in becomes intertwined in the memories of your life.

As I look around our home memories of events and milestones achieved are sparked. Our home is the backdrop to our life, as well as being a roof over our heads it is a safe, special place that we can make memories, enjoy family life and express our characters through DIY and home décor.

As the saying goes ‘if these walls could talk’ it would have a lot to say.

Our home has our story.

It was on his play-mat in Bug’s bedroom that Jelly Bean first rolled over. As I tuck Bug into bed I remember the milestone of him having his first ever big boy bed that daddy put together when we were redecorating Bug’s bedroom before Jelly Bean arrived. When I play with Bug in his kitchen I remember assembling the wooden kitchen late at night, trying to be super quiet so as not to wake him and spoil his special birthday surprise on his 3rd birthday when his face exploded with surprise and excitement at seeing his new play kitchen. While breastfeeding Jelly Bean of a night as he snuggles close to me in his SnuzPod I have sweet memories of the excitement we felt when pregnant with Jelly Bean and daddy’s joy at assembling a special bed for our second born.

Like me, leading furniture retailer Rodgers of York - who are currently sharing their story as they celebrate their 125th anniversary - believe that every home has a story.

As they enjoy a good home story they are currently inviting people to share their home stories with them using their #MyHomeStories micro-site. Whether it is a funny home décor story, a DIY fail or a DIY success, a first home memory or a heart-touching home event, Rogers of York want to hear your home story.

I recently shared my home story of Lee and I’s first attempt at DIY together as we created with love a nursery for Bug during my pregnancy with him. 

Take a look at my home story and read the other funny and lovely stories other people have shared, as well as submit your own home story by visiting the #MyHomeStories page.

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