Tuesday 9 February 2016

SnüzPod Pocket - another reason to love Snüz.

We love our SnüzPod and can’t rate it highly enough. One of the things I love about the SnüzPod is storage space that is included in the design.

The clever people at Snüz have once again outshone themselves and made the SnüzPod even better and added storage space to it thanks to their new SnüzPod Pocket.

The Pocket is the essential storage solution for the SnüzPod, adding even more storage space to the amazing 3-in-1 bedside crib.

Made from the same durable, wipe clean material as the SnüzPod, the Pocket perfectly matches it. Measuring 27 x 34cm the Pocket perfectly fits within the frame of the SnüzPod.

The Pocket easily attaches to the SnüzPod thanks to fabric tabs with Velcro that secures the Pocket firmly in place on the frame.

The beauty of the Pocket is that you can store essentials you need during the night within arm’s reach, making life that little bit easier.

It is designed with multiple pockets and even comes with removable stickers attached to the Pocket symbolising what items could be stored in the pockets. The Pocket features 1 small pocket described as a Dummy pocket, 2 elasticated mesh pockets ideal for storing nappies, wipes and bottles, and 1 large inside zip pocket ideal for important essentials.

We have found the Pocket to be very useful for keeping an array of items such as muslins and nappies close to hand which has saved moving from the bed during the night and helped to prevent disturbing baby.

As well as keeping muslins and nappy supplies close in the mesh pockets, as a breastfeeding mum who likes to make sure to keep hydrated the mesh pockets are also very useful for keeping a bottle of water/drink close so I can keep my fluid intake up. Whilst we do not use bottles to feed Jelly Bean, the pockets would also be very handy to keep a bottle for baby in ready for night feeds.

Whilst we do not use a dummy so have not used the small 'dummy pocket' as a pocket for storing a dummy we have found it useful for keeping a small teether or toy.

The internal zip pocket is a great size and as well as being useful for storing and protecting important items such as smartphones and tablets, we have found it great for storing things such as baby skincare products that we use on a regular basis.

Being able to have extra storage space on the SnüzPod is especially useful as we removed my bedside table when we installed the SnüzPod at the side of the bed to use it as a co-sleeper.

The Pocket is a great addition to the SnüzPod and thanks to the fact that it provides extra storage space for the 3-in-1 bedside crib it has enhanced how much we love the SnüzPod.

The Pocket is available on The Little Green Sheep website and has a great value RRP of £19.95.

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