Sunday 13 March 2016

Bug's Dream Easter Garden Party.

With Bug’s 5th birthday landing a couple of days after Easter this year we have been thinking about throwing him a Easter themed garden birthday party. As he loves playing outdoors and getting wild with his friends we thought it would be a funtastic birthday party that he is sure to enjoy and remember.

As we have been talking about him having a garden party for his birthday where hopefully the Easter bunny will visit with lots of Easter eggs for the kids to hunt for and find, Bug took it upon himself to give his a few hints about what outdoor toys should be at his party for it to be a totally awesome Easter party for his birthday.

Using Bug’s fun-filled, jam packed and totally toy-tastic garden party picture as inspiration we have created a wish list of outdoor toys from Debenhams that would make Bug’s dream birthday party come true –

Totally terrific tunnels
Being considerate to younger children and babies Bug was rather insistent that the party should have a Worlds Apart GetGo Pop Up Tunnel for them to have with, crawling and rolling through to pop out the other end. For himself and his friends he made sure I knew he would love a Worlds Apart GetGo Aquactive Pop Up Tunnel for lots of slip-n-sliding water fun.

Swinging fun
According to Bug outdoor play would not be complete without playing on swings so his party would have to have some super swings, with the Plum Jupiter Swing Set being his top choice, and a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe First Swing for his little baby brother to join in on the swinging fun too.

Hidey-hole tent
Bug thinks it is important to have a little tent or playhouse for Jelly Bean to play in if Mister Sun is shining bright, plus he thinks a tent such as the colourful Worlds Apart GetGo Umbrella Play Tent Bee would be the perfect place for him and his friends to hide and munch on the Easter eggs they find during the Easter egg hunt.

Riding and scooting in the sun
From a young age Bug has loved riding around on cars and trikes, in fact he loves anything with wheels, as such his party would have to have ride-on toys, bikes and scooters. For himself his top choice would be the Despicable Me Minion Made Scooter and as always he never forgets his little brother who he thinks would love to ride in a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe just like he did when he was little.

Somewhere to sit
Whilst Bug loves to run around, play and go wild for hours on end sometimes he has to give in and take 5 as such he thinks it is very important to have some super cool chairs to him and his friends to sit on. The colourful and friendly Melissa & Doug Clicker Crab Chair and Flex Octopus Chair look super cool according to Bug and would be great to sit on whilst munching on some party food!

Splish splashing spring excitement
Whilst Bug may be being a tad optimistic for a hot, sunny day this early in the year for his Easter themed outdoor birthday party he is adamant that the party would be the ‘best party ever’ if it had an Intex 98” Dinosaur Play Centre and an Intex 8’ Easy Set Pool for lots of splish, splashing fun.

Bounce, bounce, bounce!
As no kid can resist a trampoline it was no surprise to me to see that a trampoline featured on Bug’s list of outdoor toys for a fabulous birthday bash. For bouncetastic fun he would be over the moon to have a Plum Space Zone 12ft Trampoline and 3G Enclosure as the centre stage of his birthday party.

Sandy times
Another choice of Bug’s is a sand pit and fun accessories. For lots of digging and creating in the sand he would love a Plum Outdoor Play Square Wooden Sand Pit and a Melissa & Doug Seaside Sand Cupcake Set.

Super space hopping
To keep up with the Easter bunny some super space hoppers is an Easter party must. Bug is super keen to have a DC Comics Batman vs Superman Space Hopper to boing around all over the garden.

Slides, slides, and yet more slides
If Bug’s picture of his dream party shows one thing is that he is a little crazy about slides and the more slides the better. At his party he wants slides of all sizes, even a baby sized slide for his little baby brother, and he especially wants big slides such as the Little Tikes Easy Store Giant Slide Evergreen and the Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide Primary.

Unless I find that money tree at the end of the garden I might not be able to get all of the outdoor toys of Bug’s requirements for his dream party but I am sure if the sun has got his hat on, the Easter bunny visits and we have a few top outdoors toys along with super company with our beloved friends and family then it will be a super garden birthday party  for my big boy.

* This is our entry into the Debenhams Children's Easter Blogger Competition. You can find out more about the competition here *

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