Monday 11 April 2016

Step into the world of short films with

One of the interests that Lee and I have shared from when we first met was a love of films. Since the early days when our relationship was budding our kindred love of films and an enjoyment of all genres was an interest that we could share and enjoy together. As we dated and our relationship blossomed we enjoyed many dates to the cinemas or movie nights in watching films together.

Fast forward a little over 6 years and we both still enjoy watching films of all genres however now that we have 2 children together which keep us very busy and tired our movie date nights are sadly not as frequent as they once were.

As we love watching films together so much but rarely have the time or energy to stay awake to watch a feature length film we have recently turned our attention to short films. is a fabulous film filled website that features the best short films from all over the world in one place so that film lovers can enjoy the beauty that is short films.

The quote posted on the website sums up our love of short films perfectly -

Short stories are windows into other worlds and other minds and other dreams. They are journeys you can make to the far side of the universe and still be back in time for dinner.” Neil Gaiman offers a free subscription where subscribers get to hear about the best short films of the month.

So far we have enjoyed a number of the best short films available on the site such as the award winning short film 'Friend Request Pending' starring Judi Dench. What we love about the site is that there is a huge array of genres of short films to choose from so that we can enjoy a variety of films including sci-fi, horror, comedy and drama.

As well as offering film lovers the chance to enjoy short films there is also a community section where pro-subscription members can share their own short films. The site which also specialises in movie industry networking also hosted a fabulous Discover Film London Festival on 10th April 2016 where a number of short films were given the accolade of winning an award.

Thanks to and their brilliant array of short films we can once again enjoy films together as a couple fitting in short film or two around our busy schedules.

To step into the world of short films and experience the amazing short films showcased on join the site by signing up to their free subscription.

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  1. Love the idea of short films! Never heard of this one before so I'm off to subscribe now x