Tuesday 12 April 2016

Celebrating National Pet Month - splashing out on your pet with Ocean!

Over the years I have been fortunate to have a number of pets touch my life. Having experienced the love and enjoyment that a pet can bring to a household I believe being a pet owner is a privilege.

As I love pets and consider it to be a privilege to experience the joy a pet can bring to the household I believe that along with being a responsible pet owner, caring for a pet's and providing them with a good diet, exercise, attention and medical care, it is lovely to treat them too with special pet treats and goodies.

As Ocean Loans realise that the UK is a nation of pet lovers and that sometimes it can be hard to treat our pet friends due to finances being tight, to celebrate National Pet Month  when responsible pet ownership is promoted they helped us treat our beloved pets.

Currently in our house we have two dogs, Sassy and Trixie.

Thanks to Ocean we treated them to some tasty treats and yummy food.

As well as treating them to nutritious treats and food, we also have them booked in for an extra special pampering and grooming session.....could do with one of them myself!

So that our fishy friends do not feel left out from the love, we treated them to a new ornament to swim around and some tasty food for Bug to feed to them.

As we love pets so much and even consider pets in our extended family as 'family' we also treated my mum's dogs to some tasty treats and food, along with a new toy for them to play with together.

Do you have any pets?

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