Friday 27 May 2016

Father's Day gift ideas.

It doesn’t matter how prepared and planned my life is, Father’s day always seems to catch me a little off-guard, and I find myself rushing around to find the perfect present. Not this time, however! I have done my shopping, and the presents are sorted. With that in mind, I thought it would be a good time for me to help any of my readers who aren’t quite sure what to get with my top list of Father’s day ideas.

The Father in my house loves technology. However, I never felt I could buy him something he would like because none of his gadgets make any sense to me. And then I realised that it didn’t matter which gadget it was, he seemed to love them all! The last time I bought him some light bulbs that he could control with his mobile phone, and the time before that it was a small camera that he could attach to his car to record his driving. Neither of them made sense to me, the products or their purpose, but they were well received none-the-less. If you are buying for a gadget-loving Father, don’t be afraid to head into the local gadget store and find something completely obscure. Chances are he will love it!

If the Father in your home loves gardening, then you have the perfect theme! Casually ask about any lawn equipment that may be coming to the end of its life or perhaps drop a few catalogues around the home to see if he lingers on anything. If all else fails, you can’t go wrong with a new lawnmower. While it may seem impersonal, Father’s all around the world love a new toy to play with, and a lawnmower always seems to fit the bill. I’m not the best when it comes to gardening, so the last time I looked through the Groupon's discount code page for Screwfix and read some of the reviews to help make my choice.

It can be strange to think that Fathers in the world love a bit of pampering, but trust me, they do! There are plenty of male-focused beauty parlours around; you just have to look. I found that my local barber also offered a facial service that was quite popular with his clients. Instead of a gift voucher to a day-spa full of women, look for a service that can set up a small massage environment in your home. I found a massage therapist who brought their own table, music, and fragrances. While I wasn’t around when they came, a very relaxed Father phoned me to thank me.

These are just some of the ideas I have used when looking for the perfect Father’s day present, and they have all worked a treat! If you are stuck for ideas, take from these, and you are sure to see a smile on your Father’s face.

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