Monday 23 May 2016

The history of paintballing

With Father's Day looming on the horizon next month on the 19th of June I have started thinking what the boys can get their dad as a 'we love you daddy' gift. Whilst we shy away from merchandise created and promoted for the specific holidays the day is a lovely reminder of showing our dad of the house how much we care, love and appreciate him.

As we are a household who loves arts, crafts and all things handmade we usually make a small gift, last year Bug made his daddy a lovely handmade canvas with a superhero themed poem declaring how he thinks of his dad as his hero. Along with a small handmade gift we also tend to treat Lee to something he has been thinking of getting or doing for awhile so that he gets something he wants and would have got himself anyway – if he has been eying up a new t-shirt he gets it for Father's Day or if he wants to got to the cinema or experience an activity we get him tickets.

This year we have plans on treating him to a day of paintballing.

As a fan of being active and adventurous Lee loves a fun session of paintball with his friends and family. Speaking to him inner 'kid' paintballing gives him the ideal opportunity to show off his shooting skills and avoid being hit by others whilst showcasing his ability to be 'Rambo' in the woods.

With a session of paintball always being a hit with Lee I know it is a Father's Day gift he will love from the boys. To make it even more special we've been looking at getting him a night paintball session for added extreme adventure.

As paintball is so popular it is no surprise to me that new experiences such as night paintball and zombie combat paintball are being created to give paintball a new lease of life and touch more adventure. What is surprising to me is the long history paintball has. In an interesting infographic Paintballing LTD look at the history of paintballing -


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