Tuesday 3 May 2016

What if I won the lottery? What would I buy?

As a dreamer I often find myself dreaming about 'what ifs'. One of the common 'what ifs' I find myself thinking about is 'what if I was lucky enough to win the lottery'.

If I was fortunate enough to win big on the lotto, perhaps having won a life changing prize playing one of the world's biggest lotteries on Multilotto, then I would inevitably spend some of my winnings on a dream forever home for my family, a new family car, a once-in-a-lifetime family holiday and finally getting married and having my dream wedding after 5 years of engagement.

Whilst I would be over the moon to win a large enough lotto prize to do the above, any winnings would of course be gratefully received. If my lotto win was a more modest one, or a large win with a some winnings left to spare after the above purchases, I would love to treat each one of our family to a gift of something they would love.

A small or large lotto win would enable me to treat my loved ones to a little something that is just outside of our tight family budget. If I was to win a little money tomorrow here is what I would get my family -

Being a happy little baby boy with plenty of toys and clothes, mostly due to us still having everything from when his big brother was a baby, there is rarely anything new that he needs. As he is king of 'second hand' things (nothing wrong with that of course) I would love to treat my special boy to something brand sparkly new that can be truly called his very own.

One of the things that I would love to get H but can't quite afford to thanks to a super tight family budget is a outdoor trike.

As we are a family who enjoys spending time outdoors and have great plans for adventures in the great outdoors this summer, it would be great to get H a brand new smarTrike that he can cruse around it whilst his big brother rides his scooter and has adventures in the woods when on family days out.

As we opted for a new scooter for T for his birthday rather than a bike he is yet to have a new bike. With his old second hand one looking worse for wear now and a tad too small for my growing boy I would love to get him a shiny new bike, and with no spare funds to do so now a little lotto win would really help me treat him to a brand new bike.

Being a huge batman fan I would love to get T a Batman bike from Halfords so that he could pretend he is the Dark Knight speeding off to save the day and battle villains.

It is very rare that Lee gets anything new for himself, always choosing to spend any spare money we have on the kids, as such I would love to treat him to something he has lusted after for a long time.

Awhile ago Lee sacrificed his PC for the sake of the family, selling it to raise some much needed funds. Being an avid gamer I know he dearly misses his PC, as such it would be totally amazing to be able to surprise him with a brand new gaming PC for all of his gaming needs.

So that he could play all the games he loves and at long last try ARK Survival Evolved which he has watched with envy gaming youtubers play I would love to get him a custom Alienware gaming computer.

Like Lee I very rarely get anything new for myself, wanting the children to have what they need before myself. However if we had some spare money left from a lotto win and I had treated my family to their special surprises I would love to get myself something that I have wanted for a long time now but have not been able to afford – a woven wrap.

Whilst a woven wrap for babywearing may seem like an odd choice as a treat for myself as I love babywearing so much and adore carrying my baby boy I really, really want to get my first woven wrap so that our babywearing journey can carry on. With Jelly Bean outgrowing his stretchy wrap and not knowing if I will ever be fortunate enough to have another baby to carry, I am struggling to think that my babywearing days are at an end.

To enable me to carry on babywearing with Jelly Bean I would love to get a Calin Bleu cool cotton gauze wrap for babywearing this summer on warm days whilst having adventures with the family, and a beautiful Shire Slings Love Geek woven wrap.

What would you spend lotto winnings on if lady luck shined down on you and you won the lottery?

* Please remember to gamble responsibly *

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