Wednesday 6 July 2016

Living independently when older

Next month my Dadcu (grandad) turns 80. It only feels like yesterday that we were celebrating him turning 70 with a big birthday bash with all his friends and family. As it seems unreal that 10 years has passed and that his will soon be 80 – I still think of and see him as the young, fun Dadcu from my childhood – I find it hard to accept that he is getting older.

My Dadcu is passionate about being independent. He lives an active, independent life with a better social life than I have.

As his independence means so much to him he hates having to rely on others for help with daily life and would be devastated if he needed help from carers or if he had to leave him own home to live in a care home.

Whilst he is very independent and lives a lively, active lifestyle over the last few years he has had a few health issues including a double hip replacement and a shoulder replacement – with a recent emergency operation having needed to be performed on one of his hip replacements. Even though it is sad to admit and my Dadcu fights against it, in recent years he can no longer manage to do some things as well as he once did. He is slower moving in the mornings and struggles with some simple daily tasks such as bathing.

As we realise how important it is for him to be independent we do are best to help enable him to be independent. So that he can live in the comfort of his own home independently and safely we have renovated his home to support and help him live his daily life.

Disability aids have been fitted, an electric recliner now takes center stage in the living room, and an adjustable bed has been bought to help him get in and out of bed with ease. One of the rooms in the house that is seeing a big transformation to make life easier for him is the bathroom. To help him use the toilet comfortably and unaided, and bathe without help we are renovating the bathroom to provide easy access.

Thanks to Premier Carein Bathing who are the UK market leaders in walk-in baths and easy access showers we are renovating his bathroom with a complete bathroom that supports his physical inabilities and allows him to manage his personal hygiene and care without help.

By fitting a modified bathroom with slip resistant flooring, easy-access toilet and basin, along with walk-in bath featuring luxury optional extras such as StayWarm heated seat and Hydrovescent Spa Massage and easy-access shower with extra low shower tray he will be able to comfortable, safe and independent.

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