Tuesday 5 July 2016

Why a dog is a great pet for a child

Most kids ask their parents for a pet at some point in their childhood. Sometimes it’s not practical to have a pet. Your home may be too small, or you may have allergies. 

If you are considering a pet for your child, there are plenty of choices. Not all of them are fluffy and cuddly. Lizards and even snakes can be popular pets for children, if not for their mums! And not all pets live in the home. Some children have ponies, goats, or alpacas for pets. Perhaps the most popular pet though is the dog. Lots of children love how cuddly, cute and comical puppies can be. And a dog is certainly one of the best pets you can get for your child.

Every dog can benefit from dog obedience training to help their owners ensure their pet’s behaviour is impeccable at all times. It can also provide you with the confidence and peace of mind that your pet won’t be difficult to manage in the home. Of course, your children are going to get overexcited from time to time. So will the puppy! But with a little care and attention to training, you can make sure your dog is behaving the way you want it to.

Dogs, especially puppies, are full of energy. So are kids. This is why they make a great team. Best of all, they’ll wear each other out so you can get some peace and quiet while they sleep! Running around playing catch and fetch with their dog can keep your child active and entertained for hours. They may like to play games in the garden together and get lots of fresh air. Dog ownership certainly brings a lot of great health benefits.

You can also enjoy more quality time together as a family. Think of all those lovely long country walks you can enjoy together. You might even like to try some cross country running with your larger breed dogs. However, be wary of street running with your canine as the concrete and tarmac can make his paws a little sore.

A dog is a great playmate for your kids, but can also provide great friendship too. Most children enjoy cuddling up to their canine companion for a comforting hug or to whisper some secrets in his ear. Having a dog can also help teach your child responsibility and empathy as he learns to look after your pet. And knowing his pet might start chewing on his favourite toys could encourage him to keep his room tidy too!

A dog is a great pet for a child and for any family looking for a new furry member. Dogs can be very loving and great companions for everyone in the household. They may even become best friends with your other pets! What breed of dog would you like for your child’s pet? 

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