Thursday 6 October 2016

Birthday wish list.

This month is my birthday. In a matter of a couple of weeks I turn 32.

Whilst I love celebrating other people’s birthday’s I have never been that fussed about making a big deal of my own, especially as I shy away from the limelight…..the thought of a surprise birthday party with all eyes on me fills me with dread.

As such I am happy with a low-key birthday and don’t desire or expect a big fuss or lots of gifts. Even more so since becoming a parent. Since I joined the ‘mum club’ I would rather our money be spent on the kids rather than Lee and the boys spending money we cannot afford on things I don’t really need. Homemade cards and gifts me the world to me and I love to receive them.

Even though I love homemade gifts and don’t want the boys to spend much on me, as Bug has gotten older and noticed us buying gifts for others - I dread to think how many presents we’ve bought over the last few months for his friends when going to birthday parties - he has been expressing a wish to go shopping with his dad and little brother to buy me something special. I know how sweet and lucky I am to have such a thoughtful young boy?

With that in mind and a hope of saving money so they don’t have to spend much along with a preference for something I need I have created a birthday wish list.

As I’ve requested no gifts other than homemade or little cheap trinkets for the past few years and never splurge on myself my perfume collection has dwindled and not a lot remains in my remaining bottle. A lovely bottle of perfume would be a delight for my upcoming birthday as it would be something I need and use regularly, plus if Lee helps them buy a bottle on a perfume sale it will help keep the gift affordable.

I especially love Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes - those bottles are beautiful - so will be hinting at Lee to visit those perfumes on the Love the Sales website.

With me spending so little money on myself and rarely updating my wardrobe - think the last time it got a good overhaul was pre-kids over 6 years ago! - some clothes for my birthday would be gratefully received.

Here are a few of my favourite items of clothing from Dorothy Perkins via Love the Sales -

Black Textured Lace Cardigan - Blouse Peach - CASEY Slim Fit Jeans Blue

Hopefully buy encouraging Lee to shop in the sales for my birthday gifts we will save money which I will be putting buy for upcoming Christmas when I get to unleash my gift-giving monster and treat my loved ones! To help us save money I will be keeping an eye on the Black Friday saleson Love the Sales. 

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