Tuesday 15 November 2016

Men's grooming tips

When you look good, you feel good. It’s as simple as that. Whether you’re a woman or a man, it’s very important to look after yourself in every way you can. Eat healthily, exercise and take care of your appearance and your older self will thank you.

Here we have some tips for men’s grooming so that you can feel as though you are looking your best every day – with minimal effort!

The Face
It’s all about a good skincare routine: cleanse, tone and moisturise. There’s many face care options available now, with most beauty brands now branching off into a men’s sector. Try Clinique, Nivea, Kiehl's, The Body Shop, Elemis and many more. There’s several options whatever your budget so there’s no excuse for simply splashing your face with water every morning and hoping for the best.

A facial scrub is also a key piece of kit as this gets rid of the dead skin on your face, leaving you looking more refreshed (especially after a heavy weekend). Try this out with a cheaper scrub, such as this Boots own-brand version, to see how it feels on your skin and then opt for a more expensive option once you have a bit of money spare.

If you suffer from bad circles under your eyes or puffiness, it could be worth also purchasing an eye roller filled with cooling gels that reduce that puffy look first thing on a morning.

Last, but not least, for the face is a good moisturiser. No matter the reason for using a moisturiser – you’re approaching 40 and feel like you need a little something to iron out the wrinkles, you have a shiny face, dry skin or you happen to get redness – there will be one to help you look and feel better. Check out GQ’s guide to the best moisturisers for men to give you a head start.

The Hair
The secret to consistently good hair is an investment in the right products and the right barber. Try to visit a barber more often to keep up with your preferred style, and listen to others if you’ve had a few suggestions of updating the way you look. Hair grows fast so don’t worry about taking some risks.

If you shave your hair and you know the exact length you want, save some money by investing in an in-home product that can do the job just as well as any barber. Head shavers range in price but all offer the tools to get a clean cut in minutes. Check out this tried and tested guide to the 5 best electric head shavers for men.

Also, purchase some mid-range shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair looking healthy and glossy, and hair care products for styling. Likewise invest in some products and regular maintenance of beards to keep your beard looking its best. A little bit of money now will ensure your hairstyle stays looking its best for as long as possible.

The Body
Go wild with body butters, scrubs, intensive moisturisers and refreshing body washes so that you can feel fresh and smooth every day.

Implementing a face care routine might be a little harder if you’ve never paid much attention to your face, but the body shouldn’t take up too much more time as you wash every single day already. Grab a decent body scrub to get you started, a moisturising shower gel to get you squeaky clean and then a light moisturiser to target those dry areas. Pay extra attention to your knees, elbows and ankles as they can be super dry areas.

Make note of any products that leave your skin feeling irritated or inflamed. You could have sensitive skin so be sure to invest in body care products that work with your skin type.

When it comes to your nails, you need to show them regular love and attention. No one likes the guy with creepily long nails, or the guy with nails that are bitten down to little stumps. Be kind to your hands by starting a routine to keep them looking short, healthy and moisturised.

Once a week, after a bath or a hot shower, trim your nails down to a neat length. Smooth off rough edges with a nail file and dab a little moisturiser to any rough or flaky skin areas around the nail bed. Keep on top of your hand care by moisturising through the week if needed.

Feet get a very bad rap. Many of us are a little freaked out by someone else’s feet, and if those feet are badly cared for this will only worsen the fear! As with nail care, try to trim your toenails as often as is required. Keeping them to a short and neat length while making sure they are clean and moisturised too.

If you suffer from any foot ailments such as athlete’s foot, make sure that you are taking the time and effort needed to keep this under control – for your own comfort and for the health of your hard-working feet. 

Do you have a grooming regime? Do you have any top tips for male grooming?

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