Sunday 22 January 2017

Scooter fun with smarTrike - T1 Scooter review

At 18 months old Jelly Bean is a busy toddler who is regularly mastering new skills. He is a clever, bubbly and loveable little boy with a strong character and a fun personality that shines bright.

He loves doing many things most of all he loves playing and having adventures with his big brother Bug who he adores. As they play and have amazing adventures together I watch Jelly Bean strive to be a big boy like his brother. He wants to play with the same toys. He tries his hardest to follow his big brother’s steps. His little feet race behind and his determined, tough character aspires to do as brother does.

When Bug is riding on his bike or scooting along on his scooter in the great outdoors, his little sidekick Jelly Bean is following closely behind on his smarTrike trike.

He loves his trike and has had many adventures riding along on it - check out our#smartdiscoveries video here to see Jelly Bean meet a cute little owl. Whilst the trike is still very much loved and will grow with him, as he has gotten older and his desire to be like his big brother has grown I have watched him crave to jump on a scooter or bike.

Thankfully multi-award winning smarTrike have helped his dream of being a big boy scooting along like his brother come true with their new smarTrike T1 3 stage scooter.

smarTrike’s first range of children’s scooters includes 3 unique models - T1 Scooter (15 months+), T3 Scooter (2 years+)  and T5 Scooter (3 years+).

The Swiss designed 3-stage T1 Scooter which Jelly Bean received from the innovative range designed for children from 15 months+ features -

* Patented three-stage riding
* TPR rubber surface footboard
* EVA Foam seat and soft-touch rubber grip handles
* Height adjustable seat and handlebars
* T-lock system
* Easy-reach spring steel back foot brake

Stage 1: Seated riding
Sitting mode position allows child to ride and scoot along whilst seated. The height-adjustable seat and telescopic handlebar means children can ride along in a comfortable and safe sitting position.

Stage 2: Upright forward riding
Once little ones have mastered seated scooting and are ready to try traditional scooting the seat can be removed. During this stage children can practice with the T-lock function enabled, preventing the handlebars from tilting allowing your child to feel secure while they learn how to ride, allowing them to gain the confidence they need to become a scooter master.

Stage 3: Freestyle riding with limited tilting
Once stage 2 has been mastered and their scooting confidence is strong stage 3 can be utilised. In this stage the T-Lock function can be unlocked by the flick of the T switch to engage the tilting mechanism which will allow the child to ride freestyle and show off their scooting skills!

Assembling the scooter was quick and easy. It took mere minutes to put the parts together and bring Jelly Bean’s seated scooter alive ready for lots of scooting fun. I would love to take the credit for assembling it however at the thought of having a scooting buddy Bug excitedly took control of building it (I double checked everything was on right, tight and safe) and assembled the scooter all on his own.

I love the design and colourway of the grey and blue scooter; both colours look great together and the blue ‘pops’ brightly against the grey. The scooter is adorned with smarTrike detailing and fits in really well with the existing style of the brand.

The scooter is made to a very high quality and feels very safe and secure. I also love that it feels sturdy and durable which is ideal for withstanding the rough and tough use of a busy toddler.

I love that not only does the scooter feature safety features such as the foot brake and T-Lock along with 3 wheel design ideal for adding stability so that little ones can remain balanced as they zoom around but it also has comfort in mind. 

The foam seat and soft-touch rubber grip handles means that the ride is super comfortable for Jelly Bean. I also appreciate the fact that thanks to the adjustable seat and handlebars I can make sure the scooter is comfortable and the right size for him during the 1st stage and beyond.

Jelly Bean was over the moon when he saw the scooter and eagerly watched his big brother assemble it for him before rushing to sit on and ride it once it was complete. Since his first ride he has quickly mastered the art of seated scooting and loves scooting along outside, racing to keep up with his brother.

The scooter has been great on all surfaces and not only has Jelly Bean scooted around on carpets at home and on footpaths but he has also taken his scooter off-road with ease too!

Having fallen in love with scooting Jelly Bean now demands a ride on his scooter whenever we are out and about having in the great outdoors.

Whilst he has loved scooting whilst seated his desire to be just like his big brother meant that when we were scooting one day he got jealous of his big brother standing to scoot and wanted to do so too. With a little help from daddy for stability and scooting power Jelly Bean had a go at using the scooter in its stage 2 position.

To test the scooter to its max big brother also had a quick go on it. Whilst Bug is nearly 6 and tall for his age, much to his delight he still managed to scoot along and pick up quite a lot of speed on the T1 Scooter…...I think someone may be asking for the T5 Scooter for his upcoming birthday.

We love the smarTrike T1 Scooter and thanks to its adaptable 3 stages and adjustable features it will be a brilliant first scooter that grows with Jelly Bean and lasts him a long time for lots of scooting fun, adventures and #smartdiscoveries.

The T1 Scooter along with the T3 and T5 Scooters are available from a variety of retailers such as Smyths.

* Jelly Bean was sent the T1 Scooter from smarTrike for this review *


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