Wednesday 22 March 2017

A magical summer holiday in Sicily with your kids - top things to do

Everyone knows that a trip to Italy is an unforgettable experience. However, this often comes with high expenses and swarms of tourists. What if you could get the charms of Italy without the price tag and the unconscionable amounts of people? Some people find that in a visit to Sicily, something that can be a truly once in a lifetime opportunity, especially if you have a family to think of.

Accommodation in Sicily is exceptionally suitable for families. One of the best options for staying in Sicily with your kids, and your friends too, is usually renting a villa. The benefits of doing this are enormous. Your view and location is often better than any other place you should decide to stay in. The space is also incomparable and you often save money on activities if you have a pool and food since most villas are self-catered. This means you can even afford to stay longer on your holiday. Let’s not even mention the privacy, and restriction-free playing for your kids, which will allow you to be more relaxed and not worry about disturbing other people, and therefore reprimand your children every minute of the day.

No matter who you are and who you are traveling with, Sicily has a lot to offer. If you are seeing Sicily with kids you will find that the beaches are like no other in the world. It is laid back enough that you can just relax on the beach all day with your kids playing in the water and the sand. The coastline has so many beautiful and uniquely different beaches. From popular beaches where you can do water-sports to completely uninhabited beaches where you can just enjoy the majestic ocean and the beauty of nature, there is truly a beach for the masses.

Sicily is also home to the highest amounts of puppet theaters in the world. This is unique to this region of the world and you can find hundreds in Sicily alone, several in each village. This is a typical child’s dream and something that has the possibility to entertain them for hours. When they are tired of watching puppet shows and street performers on the picturesque cobblestones, your kids can enjoy some of the world’s best gelato, pizza, and pasta. The same benefits that going to Italy itself would have.

Sicily is a travel destination that is well-worth taking the entire family to. The laid back atmosphere is a welcome break from some of Europe’s most snooty travel destinations.

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