Friday 24 March 2017

Birthday gift ideas for my birthday boy

It’s that time of year again. As we welcome Spring and enjoy the beauty and life that it brings with it along with upcoming Easter, my first born's birthday is fast approaching.

My beautiful boy who I remember as a little newborn as if it was yesterday, is going to be yet another year older!

He is growing up as a fun, caring, clever boy that the whole family loves and adores.

As his big birthday is imminent my thoughts of the past few weeks have been on what to get him for his birthday along with where to go for a special birthday day out. Now that he is that much older he has strong views on what he likes and wants, and has helped me out with a list of gift ideas with plenty of options so that he gets a surprise of what we get him from the list.

Hasbro Mashers
He has been collecting Hasbro Mashers for a few years now and has a rather impressive collection. In spite of an extensive collection of Mashers figures and accessories he still wants more! Being a huge fan of superheroes it is no surprise that top of his list are the Marvel Super Hero Mashers. He can’t get enough of the super heroes and villains to mash up to create crazy creations.

Also as he has all of the Micro Mashers from series 1 (except 3 elusive sets) he is desperate to get his hands on Marvel Super Hero Micro Mashers series 2 figures.

Another staple, much loved toy that always ends up on birthday lists is Lego. As he loves all Lego any would be welcomed with a big joyous grin on his face. With the new season of the tv show LEGO Ninjago starting in April and the LEGO Ninjago Movie premiering later on this year, he as asked for a Lego Ninjago set. I know either the Destiny’s Shadow or Samurai VXL set would get a big thumbs up from the birthday boy.

Having mastered the scooter he wants to try skateboarding so has asked for a skateboard. If we do decide to get one for him I thought it would make an extra special gift if we got a shiny new helmet and protection pads to keep him safe.

Nintendo 3DS/DS Games
As he only has a couple of games for this beloved Nintendo 3DS XL he has asked if he could have another 1 or 2. A few of the games that he has added to his birthday wish list to give us plenty of choice are - Pokemon Moon (or any Pokemon to be fair as he is desperate for a Pokemon game he can play himself) and Mario Maker (he has wanted to make his own Mario levels ever since he watched Stampy do his Mario Maker videos on YouTube).

Also as he is a HUGE (I mean HUGE!!) fan of Yo-Kai Watch - he has the first Yo-Kai Watch 3DS game, has the Yo-Kai Watch toys including watch and medallium filled with medals, as well as figures and plush toys - he is desperate for the new Yo-Kai Watch 2 3DS games.

Superhero costume
Whilst his collection of superhero costumes is already vast as there are more heroes out there that he wants to be so that he can go and save the day he has asked for a new costume. Top of his list of heroes he wants are superman, hulk, optimus prime, and bumblebee.

Transformer toys
He idolises the transformers with Bumblebee being his favourite transformer. As such he has asked for a few new PlaySkool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots toys from Hasbro.

Special family days out for the birthday boy
Apart from a small party with close family this year we have decided against a big birthday party with a large group of friends from school. Instead we have decided on celebrating his birthday with a few special days out and treats.

As there are a few films out or soon to be that he wants to watch he is going to have a special lads night out to watch a movie at the cinema with his dad. Top choices for movie time are Power Rangers, The Boss Baby or Lego Batman Movie.

Disney On Ice
Since the time we went to watch Ice Age Live he has asked to go to another live ice skating show. With Disney On Ice Celebrates 100 Years of Magic coming to Cardiff in April we thought the sensational skating spectacular would be an amazing birthday treat that would really make his birthday magical and memorable.

Water park
As he is a little fish and loves nothing more than swimming, diving and splishing around in the water he wants to go to a fun water park with slides and pools. Luckily we have one, Blue Lagoon Wales, within a matter of minutes away in the car from our home where he can slip and slide down water slides for a mad, water-tastic few hours.

Theme Park
Having got the thrillseeking bug last year when he went on his first proper ‘big’ rollercoaster he is eager to get back in a rollercoaster seat to whizz around for a thrilling ride. With Oakwood on our doorstep he is hoping to get to ride a coaster or ten to celebrate his birthday in style.

I can’t wait to celebrate my first born’s birthday and see his face when he opens his presents which will contain a few of the above gift ideas and enjoy a couple of special days out. Even though I can’t wait there is a little part of me that wants to freeze time and keep him from growing up because these past 6 years have gone way too fast! 

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