Wednesday 10 May 2017

2017 Lighting trends

Every new year sees a new set of trends. As the year rolls on and seasons come and go, styles and popular trends also come and go. From fashion to interiors to gadgets, trends can have a huge impact on what we see in the shops and the way we style ourselves and our homes along with the purchases we make.

Lighting is no exception. As we welcome in a new year, we also see new lighting trends that inspire to transform lighting and the style of our homes. As with most trends there are a few classic styles that never seem to go out of fashion, styles that are so brand new and innovative they are a breath of fresh air, and trends that come and go every few years.

When it comes to any trends it is worthwhile bearing in mind personal taste and whether the style works well in your home and if it fits in comfortably with the rest of your home style. There is no point keeping up with the Jones’ if you go all out on all the must-have trends and overshadow your own sense of style and taste.

Incorporating current trends into your home can work well when you combine styles whilst keeping in mind your own tastes. For example when looking at lighting the trend of Industrial lighting it works well with a rustic or minimalist home decor style. Likewise Vintage and Ornate lighting pairs well with a Shabby Chic or Luxury home decor style.

As different lighting trends can transform and bring a room to life it is worthwhile getting the right lighting for a room’s decor and your taste. Forget overlooking lighting as basic and reliably always there regardless of the fixtures and fittings that adorn the light it is time to give praise to the variety of lighting styles available out there.

As I browse Lampcommerce which is a treasure trove website of all styles and trends of lighting, I want to take a look at our favourite interior lighting trends for 2017 -

Nature Inspired
As I love nature and adore spending time in the great outdoors it is no surprise that I am a huge fan of the nature inspired lighting trend. Bringing nature into your home this year can help create a calming and harmonious style.

I love range of Nature Inspired lighting in the Artemide Design Ross Lovegrove range, with the designs taking inspiration from the beauty of nature and presenting it in a delicate and stunning way. My favourite has to be the graceful Chlorophilia 2 hanging lamp that beautifully celebrated the wonder of plants in a gorgeous lamp that is the epitome of nature inspired lighting.

Artemide New Nature Floor Lamp - Artemide Cosmic Leaf Floor Lamp - Artemide Chlorophilia 2 Hanging Lamp - Artemide Florensis Floor Lamp

I also love the nature inspired lighting below that would complement any nature inspired home and garden decor style beautifully. The Onfale table lamps remind me of cute toadstools and the Tree lamp would add light and wonder to garden parties.

Vibia Tree Floor Lamp Outdoor - Flos Chrysalis Floor Lamp – Artemide Onfale Table Lamp

Nature inspired lighting can be teamed with nature themed homeware accessories and neutral tones for a calm, appealing and subtle style. Greenery which was named Panatone’s colour of 2017 is the perfect colour for bringing nature to life in the home and to partner with delicate nature inspired light fittings or rustic, earthy light fittings made with wood.

If want you feature lighting that is not only inspired by nature but made using materials from nature then embrace light fixtures and fittings that are made using materials such as wood, wicker, bamboo and cork. Wooden light fittings can give a nature inspired styled room a rustic, earthy feel that is warm and welcoming. I love the Helios hanging lamp, the wood is a lovely use of a material from nature and adds a touch of warmth to the light, whilst the inspiration from Helios helps bring the sun indoors with the magnificent sun being a beautiful focal point to any room.

David Trubridge Coral Hanging Lamp - Fabbian Stick Floor Lamp - B.Lux Helios Wood Hanging Lamp - David Trubridge Nikau Full Hanging Lamp

This trend which has been popular over the past couple of years is standing strong in 2017. Materials often used for an industrial look are metal and/or glass. Exposed bulbs, plain metal pendant ceiling lights and adjustable armed table, floor and wall lamps are all reminiscent of industrial style.

Whilst industrial style can lend itself to any room, it works especially well in kitchens and studies. It is also a style that works well with modern and rustic home decor styles.

Artemide Miconos Ceiling Lamp - Anglepoise Original 1227 Giant Brass Hanging Lamp - Nemo Italianaluce Projecteur 365 Outdoor Hanging Lamp - Lampe Gras 205 Table Lamp

Warm Metals
With warm metals such as gold, copper and bronze being colours that are strong in home interiors this year the trend of warm metals also extends to lighting. Warm metals work well with lighting as the illumination emphasise these luxurious colours which add warmth, subtle reflection, comfort, and beautiful soft glow to a room. Metal colours such as gold, copper and bronze also add a hint of luxury and elegance to any home decor style. Take a look below at our favourite warm metal lighting below -

Evi Style Gadora Wall Lamp - Tom Dixon Copper Pendant Light - Fabbian Oru Copper Pendant Light - Catellani & Smith Lederam Gold Wall Lamp

Panzeri Line Floor Lamp - Fabbian Beluga Royal Bronze Hanging Lamp - Catellani & Smith Colonna Gold Floor Lamp - Tom Dixon Base Bronze Floor Lamp

What are your favourite lighting trends? 

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