Tuesday 6 June 2017

Love of photography - #throughmyeyez

From a young age I loved photos and cameras. My Dadcu (grandad) was a keen photographer with all the kit and it was a running family joke that you had to watch what you were up to on family days out and special family events because he was sure to capture you in the act as he always had his camera to hand and was watching everyone through the lens.

Those photos he took and old black and white photographs of family and times before me sparked interest in photography and a sentimental love of photographs to capture special moments in time.

During my childhood years I loved being in front of the camera. Posing and showing off. I loved nothing more than being part of the photo for my Dadcu as he clicked away capturing memories of our fun family times. Those thousands of photographs he and other family members took of my childhood and our family experiences mean the world to me. I cherish them fondly and looking at photographs from days gone by awaken memories of experiences and the people who touched my life during my childhood.

As I got older my love of being in front of the camera faded with a new found passion for being photographer taking over. During my teenage years I incorporated photography into my art. I would explore photos settings and scenes, turn my hand to developing photographs from film, and take photographs galore as I dabbled with photography.

As my passion for photography has increased over the years and I am a sentimental fool who adores capturing moments in photos and videos to look back at fondly to evoke memories and emotions about the past, I take photographs every single day and have slowly turned into my Dadcu - camera in hand at all times and clicking away to capture moments so that they can be remembered forever.

Since becoming a mum my love of taking photographs is greater than ever. Through photographs and videos I can capture those special moments with my children. The billions of photographs I have taken of the children over the years showcase how much they have grown and changed.

Another reason why my poor children have become accustomed to their mum being the ‘mad old camera woman’ is that as well as capturing memories and moments for me to remember and look back on fondly with a heart full of love and sentiment when I am old and grey, I take so many photographs of them and our family adventures is so that we can share our life across the miles with both sides of the family.

Whilst I love taking photographs and I feel content with a camera in hand, the thing that holds me back and limits my photography desires is a decent camera. Even though they do the job I feel limited by the fact that my only camera’s are my phone camera and an old compact digital camera that has seen better days and is temperamental at best.

As I think photographs can express moments and emotions, and a picture is worth a thousand words I always like to incorporate photographs into my blog posts. Similar to my reasons why I take so many photographs, the reason I began a blog was to capture moments and document my life with my family.

Being someone who champions photographs and admires photographs by other people when I recently hear about the million eyez community I had to explore it more. million eyez are reinventing visual storytelling.

Bringing bloggers and photographs together million eyez allows users to create their own photoboxes and invite others to contribute to it or use an existing photobox. Photoboxes can  be embedded into blog posts to give posts complimentary photographs with the photoboxes containing images that are created and contributed by photographers from across the globe.

Speaking to my longing for a good camera to enable me to improve my photography skills and carry on capturing magical moments and special memories of family adventures with my boys I was excited to learn about million eyez’ #throughmyeyez blogger competition where entrants who embed a million eyez photobox to a blog post get a chance of winning an amazing and versatile Olympus Pen camera!!!!

Having a dabble on million eyez I created a couple of my own photoboxes - I must admit it was hard being able to only upload 3 images to my own photoboxes.

As my love of taking photographs stems from family and memories of my childhood, and the main reason why I take so many photographs is to capture magical moments with my children and document them growing up from tiny babies to big boys with a love of life one of my million eyez photoboxes is themed around love for family -
Incorporating my love of family and adventures with my children with another love of mine - nature and the great outdoors, I created another photobox -
As I was exploring million eyez I also added a few of my own photographs to other people’s photoboxes. Whilst I think photographs can capture all ranges of moments and evoke all emotions, as my own photography tends to encapsulate magical moments and happy times with my children and realise that happiness varies from person to person, I love this photobox Happiness is…. By Eyez Wide Open. Naturally I shared a photo of my boys together as they evoke happiness galore in me.

Fingers crossed I am lucky enough to win the amazing of Olympus Pen so that I can improve my photographs and add more of my photographs to million eyez as I capture magical moments and treasured experiences.

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