Friday 28 July 2017

Social Media and Marketing for Bloggers survey

Over the past few years social media has become integrated into my daily life. My first dalliance with social media was way back when MySpace and MSN messenger was all the rage.

Then Facebook entered my life. At first it was all about catching up with old school friends then when I became a pregnant and then a mum it was a gateway to a group of fellow mums who I could chat with who were friendly and supportive. Living away from family it was also a way to share with loved ones pictures and stories of our family.

Whilst getting to know fellow mums online and reading up on all things parenting I stumbled into the wonderful world of blogs.

Soon after I decided to turn my hand to creating a blog of my very own. Once I started blogging social media gained another meaning to me - a way to share my posts and communicate with readers. Facebook was a place where I could create a page for my blog to share my posts. Soon after I entered the world of twitter with other social media channels following suit - pinterest, bloglovin’ and Instagram in particular.

Whilst I still use social media to communicate and share with my loved ones it has become a vital part of blogging.

NCC Home Learning who are a leading resource for over 300 online home learning and home study including marketing and business, realise that social media is an important tool for blogging and marketing. As such they are keen to learn the views of bloggers about social media with their Social Media and Marketing for Bloggers survey. Share your views on what social media works best for your blog by filling out the survey above.

For me twitter is a great social media tool that as well as being useful for marketing my blog to readers is also a great way to connect with brands. Instagram is also one of my favourite social platforms, not only do I love it for sharing my photographs but I also love seeing the amazing photographs of other users.

What social media platforms do you rate to support your blogging?

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