Monday 30 October 2017

River Island childrenswear collection

The other day I sent a photograph of the boys on one of our adventures to my mum. Even though it has only been a few weeks since she has seen them in the flesh she was shocked at how grown up they both look.

Both of them are changing and growing up way too fast. Milestones reached and achieved, clothes grown out of as they get bigger and stronger, new achievements are mastered and their characters develop.

At the grand old age of 6 and a half (the half really matters you know!) Bug in particular is constantly changing and developing. He is certainly growing up way too fast! Whilst I ensure he is still enjoying his childhood and the magic of being 6 and traditional childhood influences play a huge part of his life, in this world we live in I am noticing the digital age, trends and fashion influencing him.

In the past few months his likes and dislikes are stronger than ever with them impacting on his sense of style and how he wishes to dress. He has strong opinions on what clothes he likes and supporting him I have encouraged him to choose what clothes we get for him. Gone are the days he wants to wear character clothes. He likes to be trendy and stylish. His wardrobe is filled with stylish jeans, branded sportswear and fashionable tops.

Recently he has discovered River Island and their childrenswear collection for boys and girls that is designed for little ones from birth to 12 years. He loves the collection because it is super stylish and with a trendy edge. I love the collection because it satisfies my son’s desire for fashionable clothing whilst also being practical, high quality, affordable and durable all of which is a must with a busy, adventurous social butterfly who is 6 going on 16!

As he loves fashionable clothes, making their way onto his Christmas wish list are a number of River Island clothes from the boys childrenswear collection.

Boys Black Faux Leather Racer Jacket - Limited Edition Boys Black Splatter Foil Print T-shirt - Boys Light Grey Biker Sid Skinny Jeans

Have you tried the River Island Childrenswear collection?

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