Thursday 21 December 2017

2018 Travel Bucket List

As we creep ever closer to saying goodbye to 2017 and we welcome in a new year, thoughts of resolutions and plans for a new, better year are considered. Whilst I tend to avoid the cliches of new year's resolutions I do ponder what has been in the past, where I am in life in the present and what will be in the future.

One thing I think a lot about and try to organise is our holiday plans. With work and school to juggle along with having to schedule in trips to visit family who we live away from it is key that we carefully organise our holiday plans.

The past couple of years have been hectic family wise and we have had more and longer holidays visiting our family who we live over 250 miles away from instead of holidays abroad or elsewhere in the UK. Whilst it is lovely seeing family the downside to this is that we have visited all the attractions surrounding where they live countless times and the boys get bored quickly of visiting people at their homes. With that in mind we have decided that things are going to change. 2018 will be about the year that we spread our wings and travel and enjoy holidays where we want and the way we want.

Thanks to I have been inspired and have created our 2018 travel bucket list.

As write this on a cold, wet and windy wintry night the thought of Barbados is so very appealing. A far flung holiday to tropical climates is just what the doctor ordered and if I have my way 2018 is the year that will deliver.

Lee has friends who live there so it we will be welcomed with open arms and get the chance to see them now that they are no longer living in the UK. Our own personal tour guides to a wonderful island sounds perfect to me.

As we all love the beach and water a holiday in Barbados is ideal for us. Beautiful beaches. Majestic caves such as Harrison’s cave. Watersports. Sublime scuba diving experiences in this idyllic dive destination. Wonderful wildlife and inspiring nature. In other words my dream holiday.

New York
The big apple has always been on my travel bucket list. For years I have longed to visit the city that never sleeps and walk the sidewalks that Carrie Bradshaw called home.

New York is exciting, busy and iconic.

To be able to say I have experienced and seen the wonders that New York has to offer would be a lifelong dream come true. Times Square. Central Perk. Empire State building. Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. American Museum of Natural History. And so much more!

Another bonus of visiting New York - if the above and more was not enough reason to go - is that I have family who life there. Over a century ago an ancestor of mine sailed from here in Wales to a new start in New York, there he settled down with an American woman and had a family. His descendants still live in New York and we keep in touch across the ocean thanks to modern technology. A few key members of the family from there who we are close to have visited us here in Wales a few times of the years but I have yet to visit them and meet the whole family, being able to do so would be amazing.

A little closer to home but still a worthwhile destination that has its rightful place on my 2018 travel bucket list. Blackpool is close to my heart. Blackpool is where Lee and I had our first holiday as a couple, meeting halfway between our homes when we were still in a long distance relationship.

Since that time nearly 8 years ago we have only visited once more, a flying trip for one day whilst on our way back home to Wales after visiting Lee’s family. The kids loved the short time that we had there so we have decided that a long holiday there in summer is top of our travel plans.

It will be lovely to be able to reminisce about our first holiday there together as a couple before kids and to enjoy the fun that Blackpool has to offer with our little family. Blackpool zoo, the Pleasure Beach, Blackpool Tower, Madame Tussads Blackpool, SeaLife and SandCastle Waterpark are just a few of the attractions and experiences that the kids can’t wait for.

I can’t wait for 2018. Exciting travel plans and a fresh new year filled with exciting possibilities.

What destinations are on your 2018 travel bucket list?

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