Wednesday 20 December 2017

Name a star with Star Name Registry

Twinkle, twinkle little star how I wonder what you are……

Thanks to you can give that twinkling star a name. 

Whether you want to name a star after yourself so that you can have a star shining bright in the night’s sky with your name or want to gift a named star to a loved one as an enchanting, sentimental gift have a lovely selection of star naming packages to choose from. Star naming packages include standard star naming and binary star plus extras such as frame to make it a special gift. 

Why name a star with Star-Name-Registry
A key reason why you should choose Star-Name-Registry to name a star is the fact that they are an official company legally registered with 2 million stars within their database ready to be named. 

They also provide excellent customer service.

Extra Bright Star package
The brightest name a star package - Extra Bright Star offers customers the chance to name one of the brightest stars in the sky.

The Extra Bright Star gift comes with entry into the registry, confirmation letter, sky atlas star maps, extra bright star information plus an A4 Star Name Deed.

When naming a star you can pick from full name, first name, nickname, numbers….pretty much any name you want that has meaning to you or the gift recipient. The name that you give to the star is showcased in the middle of the star name deed.

You can also pick what constellation or chose to have your star from a random constellation.

The confirmation letter tells you how you can view your star using Google Sky and how to search for your star’s naming information in the star registry.

The star name deed is a lovely certificate that is designed with a star theme. The deed is personalised with the you gave to your star. 

Showcasing it’s authenticity and quality the star name deed is also adorned with a silver seal displaying entry approved.

Written in the stars
Whilst stars are classes as celestial beings and as such as deemed the property of all mankind and no one can ever have legal ownership of a star, naming a star is a fun and magical thing to do. 

It makes for a wonderful gift to give to a loved one to show them that you think of them as a star. It can also be a lovely thing to do for yourself so that you can shine like the star that you are.

If you’d like your name or a loved one’s name written in the stars get a star named with Star-Name-Registry.

* We were gifted Extra Bright Star package in return for this post *

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