Tuesday 9 January 2018

Creating The Perfect Family Home

There’s a difference between a good home and a good family home. In order to make a house that works for an entire family, you need to create a warm, welcoming, and homely environment. It needs to work for all individual residents of the household but also for the family as a whole. Obviously, you can’t re-design the house to suit the taste of your five-year-old because the place would probably look a little... “interesting” if that were the case. But you should certainly be striving to create an environment that feels like home for everybody in the family.

Of course, you can’t just dive into a project like this. Any sort of renovation requires planning and that’s certainly the case when your objective is to create the perfect family home. You need to assess the current state of your humble abode. You need to think about all the things that need fixing and all the things that don’t need fixing, first and foremost. There’s nothing worse than plunging into a project, making changes, and realizing that you can’t undo those changes. In order to ensure that everything goes smoothly, here’s some advice on creating the perfect family home.

Make a list of what you want.
As mentioned in the introduction, the best place to start on your quest to create the perfect family home is to make a list of what you want. You need to think about what you’ve always wanted out of your dream house. That means there should be no holding back. This is just the planning stage so it should be an opportunity for you to lay all your dreams flat on the table. You don’t have to commit to anything just yet. Make sure you let your partner and children in on this part of the process because it’s important that their opinions are heard too. This is the family home, after all.

Once you’ve got a list of all the things you and your family want out of a dream home, it’s time to think of ways in which you can turn those visions into a practical reality. Of course, some things will always be an impossibility. A house on Mars, for example, isn’t really possible at the moment (it might be possible in 50 years, however, so you can put that down as a future renovation task). But there’s definitely the possibility of achieving things such as a place for people to read books or a games room for entertaining friends and guests. It’s all about reimagining your house’s space and that’s what we’re going to strive to do in this article.

Make your home clean and tidy.
Your first mission should be to make your home clean and tidy. This might not be the most fun part of a home renovation and it’s certain to elicit groans from the younger members of your family but it’s absolutely essential. The perfect family home won’t come about by cluttering your humble abode with more stuff. You need to let your house breathe a little so that everybody in the family has space to feel comfortable. Remember, you don’t always have to fill space to utilize it effectively. Start to declutter your house so that you unlock its potential. We’ll discuss what you could do with that space later in the article.

Keeping your house clean is also important so as to create a safe and healthy environment for your children, above all else. You might even want to invite a new member to the family in order to help with this. Having a pet, such as a dog, can help to make a home healthier for children because they improve a kid’s mental health (they’ll probably improve yours too) and also reduce the likelihood of children growing up with allergies. Your house shouldn’t be overly clean, essentially, if you want your kids to grow up healthy. But you should certainly aim to keep your dog as healthy as possible. You could look into PetLock flea treatment to help ensure that is the case. It’s important that you get the balance right so that you keep your household clean but don’t wrap everybody in a bubble.

Make the kitchen homely.
There’s no denying that a kitchen should be the heart of the home. And the best way to make your home feel like a space for the whole family is to create a welcoming area in which everybody can gather to eat and relax together. You really need to fix up your kitchen if you want this happen because it’s certainly a space that should be evoking feelings of warmth and unity. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to renovate your kitchen either, despite the fact that many families will spend as much as you might spend renovating your entire house in order to make this room look good. You should simply strive for minimalism. A white aesthetic helps to brighten this space and that can be achieved by repainting walls or cabinets yourself. Additionally, a lick of fresh paint always makes furnishings or walls look brand new.

Make better use of space.
As we’ve discussed throughout this article, spaciousness is the key to making a home feel larger and more inviting. When you’ve got a family with kids who are growing with every passing day, it’s easy to feel as if your household is slowly shrinking. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. You just have to be clever about the way in which you use the space available to you.

Decluttering is a good start but you could do more to better store the possessions you do have. Putting up shelves on walls, for example, creates new storage space for items that otherwise end up lying around on surfaces. You could even convert an unused spare room or garage in order to create brand new space in your home. Creating that games room for the kids just requires a little bit of creative thinking. Use the space available to you.

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