Thursday 11 January 2018

What Brings Joy To Our Furry Friends?

No other animal in the entire world has been given the great honor of being called man’s best friend than dogs. They’re so incredibly human at times because their lives are a lot like ours. They want excitement, but they also want security, they want a family but also like to have their own personal space, they like to eat tasty unhealthy foods but also love to run around in the park. 

We get pets because we want a companion as specifically, a sentient being that isn’t human. Human beings have had this inseparable connection with dogs for so long. Maybe it's because they’re descendants of wolves and therefore we both have a pack mentality. On the other hand, it could be because we value loyalty and you can’t get much more of that than in dogs. We bring them home and into our lives and everything seems to be fine. They melt away into the background and then come out as one of the family. But ask yourself, do we really know what brings our furry friends joy? Afterall, we want to live a fulfilled life so why would it be any different for dogs.

It's in their nature to run
Don’t forget that dogs are predatory animals that have been tamed and bred for centuries to be family-friendly. Just like it's in our nature to seek thrills and something philosophically more in life such as a thirst for knowledge or curiosity, dogs have it in their blood to run. Sounds simple enough right? Well, first you must understand what running means to a dog. They’re from the wild, and they used to hunt in packs. Just like their older cousins, dogs can’t run fast for very long when compared to many of their prey. They want to run fast and at medium pace in an endurance manner. This requires a lot of space, which means they were used to stretching out far and wide and having the landscape be their oyster. Essentially, to let out their bursts of energy it's freedom they crave. Make it a weekly thing to do, by taking your dog down to a local dog park and let them off the leash. And, unlike what you may do in the local park don’t just take it off for a few minutes. Let them run wild for over an hour at least. This brings out their inner instinct and needs to be physically fit and strong.

They need steady rocks
Dogs need a close-knit group of friends and or family members. This is why dogs fit in so easily with our families, even if we have children. Children, despite being perceived by dogs as smaller and weaker, love to protect them. Dogs have a natural need for nurturing that again comes from their need to be in a close group. However, it goes further than this because dogs need steady rocks in their lives. These come in the form of leaders, providers of food, warmth, shelter and the overlooked attribute, direction. The leader of the pack isn’t actually an oppressive position to dogs, quite the contrary in fact. 

Don’t be afraid to be assertive with your dog if and when the situation calls for it. It may be harsh to some people, but this is actually quite productive. Dogs in the wild look upon their leader for direction. This means they like knowing what is, and isn’t permissible. If you come home one day and you find the dog has gnawed on books, the furniture or perhaps opened up a food box and ate when they shouldn’t have, this is your time to give them direction by telling them off. There’s a fine line between enacting disciplinary punishment and scorning your pooch. You don’t need to shout loudly or even invade their personal space to make a point. A smooth, calm but firm voice along with forced eye contact goes a long way. This kind of assertion of dominance lets them know their boundaries without feeling scared or unloved.

They need to gorge now and again
As we like to eat sweet foods like candy, chocolate, deserts etc., so do dogs like to eat treats. It's a break from the monotony of life really. Eating the same kinds of foods and not experiencing other finer things in life brings down a cloud of boredom on dogs. Yet with treats like jerky, smoked and grilled lean meats, they have flavor and succulent protein to eat. Look at the selection of Betsy Farms treats for dogs and choose from duck, turkey, chicken, beef, and pork. The treats are up to 20 percent protein, with a mix of fibre and fat. Dogs love to eat this kind of treats because they’re lean meats and don’t have any minerals and nutrition they may not like. The chickens used for making these products aren’t fed wheat which is great for dogs which may have an unpleasant reaction to it. As these treats may be slightly dry, it's wise to give your furry friend a bowl of fresh water alongside their food bowl.

Dogs like calmness
Sitting by the fire, watching television sat on the sofa, being pet with their head in your lap are all things that soothe and calm dogs. Many animals relax by grooming each other and dogs are no different. To use it seems like love and affection, but in their mind stroking their fur, scratching their tummy behind their ears is a form of grooming. You see many dogs licking each other in similar fashions. Make sure that you have quiet moments with your pooch where it's just you and them. These little moments of bonding play a very serious psychological part of the trust and a sense of security for dogs.

Looking at what makes dogs happy, it's easy to not make comparisons to human beings. They’re very intuitive and sense when they’re safe and among peers and family who love them. A Lust for freedom is something innate within dogs, which is why letting them off the leash to run wild and fast is truly therapeutic for them. At the same time, breaking up the mundanity of their diet with a few treats bodes well for their general enjoyment of life.

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