Sunday 17 November 2019

New Year's Eve fireworks safety tips


With the end of the year fast approaching and New Year’s Eve on the horizon many people are already starting to plan how to welcome in 2020.

Whether you are having a quiet night in, small gathering or attending a big New Year’s Eve bash, it is difficult not to notice the sound and sights of fireworks being set off across the world to say goodbye to 2019 and welcome in the new year.

As fireworks are a popular way to celebrate a new year here are a few tips on how to have a safe new year’s eve fireworks celebration- 

* Try to attend an organised display. Attending an organised New Year’s Eve fireworks display means you don’t have to personally deal with the risk of setting off fireworks and can simply enjoy the spectacular show.

* Never go near a firework that has been lit, even if it has not gone off.

* Do not allow children to pick up fireworks debris as there may be a part that can still explode.

* Protect your children’s ears by using specially designed children’s ear protectors. Em’s 4 Kids ear defenders are compact, fun and functional ear protection specifically designed to provide ear protection for children over 6 months of age. Designed to be child friendly hearing protection with an average noise reduction rating of 25db these are perfect for helping reduce the risk of damage to hearing, making them ideal for protecting children’s hearing during noisy firework displays. For babies their Em’s 4 Bubs range protects the hearing of newborns and babies up to 18 months.

* Before New Year's Eve celebrations where there will be a fireworks display teach children about fireworks safety. Learn with Ben and see how he follows the firework code to have a fun and safe fireworks night.

*If you are hosting your own fireworks celebration rather than attending an official fireworks display when looking for fireworks for sale look for a reputable fireworks retailer. By purchasing from a reputable fireworks company you can help ensure that your New Year’s Eve fireworks go with a bang thanks to safe, high quality fireworks. Poor quality fireworks can be very dangerous and will not only run the risk of a poor, disappointing display but also be unsafe.

Whether you are buying in a store or online by purchasing from a reputable fireworks seller you get peace of mind that the fireworks are high quality and safe for a show-stopping display. By purchasing fireworks from an experienced firework supplier who are passionate about fireworks and all things pyrotechnics you can also get invaluable advice on what fireworks to purchase.

* Make sure your pets are safe during fireworks celebrations. To help make fireworks night a calm, safe and less frightening night for pets keep animals inside, create a hiding place for your pet to snuggle in and if your pet is used to the sound of the TV/music turn it on to help muffle the sound of fireworks (but not on too loud). If your pet gets distressed by fireworks expect unusual behaviour and do not get angry with your pet. 

Do you like to celebrate New Year’s Eve with fireworks?

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