Sunday 17 November 2019

Race with Ryan game review

Race into the colourful Ryan's World 
with the new Race with Ryan game.

The fun and vibrant Ryan's World has come to life as little gamers take to the wheel in Race with Ryan and race as YouTube sensation Ryan and the other favourite Ryan's World friends. 

Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe, Outright Games™ and Pocket.Watch™ under its P.W. Games™ division invite kids to play as Ryan and his friends in this new racing game.

Designed for 3-6 years old the Race with Ryan game is a fun-filled, colourful championship where racers can zoom around six magical locations as popular Ryan’s World characters to see who is the fastest racer.

Bringing the world of Ryan alive, the game features popular Ryan’s World characters such as Gus, Moe, Peck and even Ryan himself! Not only does the game offer a variety of characters to race with but it also adds to the fun with different vehicle/character combos including Astronaut Ryan, Pilot Ryan and Pirate Panda.

To celebrate wins little racers are given rewards in the game with new vehicle/character and race tracks being unlocked for even more fun.

The game features six fun, kaleidoscopic tracks that are filled with secret pathways, speedy tracks and lively scenery. The tracks include the miniature toy world of The Toy Shop, the fantastical world of Fantasy Park, the pirate kingdom of Treasure Island, the fun world of Ryan’s Playroom, the cowboy land of the Wild West and the eerie Spooky Land.

To amp up the fun as players win races and achieve rewards they unlock the various tracks which can be raced forward or in reverse.

Perfect for little racers the game features simple controls. It also features optional auto-acceleration and auto-steering plus it has an easy to understand tutorial to guide younger players on how to Race with Ryan.

Plus as players wait for the races to load the game showcases helpful tips.

To aid gamers of all ages and abilities to play the game there are different difficulty levels with easy, medium and hard difficulty options available.

Little racers can race alone in single player mode or speed with friends in split-screen mode with 2-4 players. 

Players can also challenge their racing skills by playing the career mode where they play certain tracks to try and top the leaderboard to win the different cups such as Hotdog Cup, Royal Race, Pizza Cup, Toys Master and Formula Fruit.

Boosting fun the game features Ryan’s famous Mystery Eggs. Scattered across tracks the Mystery Eggs are filled with helpful surprises that will enable racers to speed to the top and defeat the other racers. The Mystery Egg surprises such as Burger Shields, Paper aeroplanes and Sticky Slime are fun, silly and helpful.

As little racers play the game YouTube sensation Ryan offers encouragement and praise. He also pops up on the screen at times.

Our 4 year old has loved playing Race with Ryan. He adores the colourful tracks and loves the different vehicles you can race with. He thinks the Mystery Egg surprise bonuses are very funny and loves to slow the other racers down by using pva glue, hitting them with a football and using the roller to steam over the competition. 

He also likes the challenge of obstacles getting in the way as you race around the unique tracks.

He loves it when he speeds past the competition to win races and unlock new vehicles/characters and other tracks.

I love that the game is accessible for all thanks to the easy game controls and optional auto-acceleration and auto-steering features. It is a wonderfully fun family friendly game that introduces little gamers to racing games.

Race With Ryan is available on PlayStation 4®, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One and PC. Available on digital download from the relevant gaming service or exclusively available to buy at Smyths Toys in the UK. For more information about the game and to see global retailers take a look at


  1. This looks like such a fun family-friendly game and a perfect way to introduce little ones to racing games.

    When I was a kid me and my sisters used to play racing games with my Dad. I have such great memories from this and used to get such a buzz whenever my Dad would *let me* win!

  2. This looks like great alternative to the usual mario kart. Racing games are the best video family games

  3. Alessia is Ryan’s world mad, honestly ! . She’s asked for some stuff for Xmas but I didn’t know there was a game like this . She would love it.

  4. We have been playing this game too and it's perfect for younger ones who aren't quite ready for Mario Kart

  5. This looks and sounds like a lot of fun, especially dropping pva glue onto the track for the other racers!

  6. Glad to see a review on this as I was planning on getting it for the kids - it sounds like a great game!

  7. This sound great! My biggest would love this, he's obsessed with the switch so I was thinking about getting him some new games for Christmas.

  8. That looks like a really cool game, I have't heard of Ryan, but I'm sure my little boy will be into it soon.

  9. This is amazing, I know that my nephew would absolutely love to race with Ryan and the game seems really fun too.

  10. This sounds like such a fun game and something I am sure my 5 year old would love! I love how bright, colourful and fun the game looks too!

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