Monday 27 January 2020

The beauty of striped wallpaper

Stripes are a versatile and classic pattern. In fact stripes are a staple, reliable pattern that are extraordinarily versatile and attractive. As stripes are one of the most iconic patterns, they have weathered changing styles and trends over the decades and been used in different settings. Familiar stripes have been predominant in the fashion world, showcased in architecture, seen in modern advertising and incorporated into interior design.

Not only do stripes adapt beautifully to soft furnishings such as bedspreads, curtains, cushions and settees they are also a wonderful pattern to decorate walls with.

Striped wallpaper is a great wallpaper design to adorn walls. Decorating with striped wallpaper is an easy way to get a crisp and pleasant ‘decorator’ look, being ideal for home improvements. In fact striped wallpaper can help achieve a fresh, captivating room.  It is a popular design choice as stripes can either provide a subtle look or be attention grabbing. 

Striped wallpaper  is a loved design option thanks to the fact that striped wallpaper boasts many positive benefits.

Striped wallpaper is a true all-rounder. Stripes are perfect for those wanting to add pattern to a room. Striped wallpaper works well in any style or size room plus they work well with existing home furnishings. It can also be used in large or small amounts, being ideal for a feature wall or for decorating a whole room. 

The beauty of stripes is that they complement and mix beautifully with other patterns, solids and florals so striped wallpaper can work well with other styles and suit just about anywhere.

The linear nature of striped wallpaper makes it one of the most adaptable wallpaper patterns in terms of experimentation. In fact it can be hung horizontally or vertically. For a visually striking finish it could also be hung at an angle.

Classic or modern
As striped wallpaper is a timeless style, it is a decor style that looks great for years. Striped wallpaper can be used to create a traditional look or a modern, contemporary style. 

Showcasing its versatility it works well in both older and newer homes. With that in mind it fits in well with a traditional style home and a modern home without looking out of place. 

Optical illusion
Not only can striped wallpaper create a crisp, polished space it also has the power to reshape a room. Depending on how it is used and the style of striped wallpaper it can create the illusion that a room is bigger  than it is. Some wallpaper styles can also make a room appear smaller, creating a cosy look. 

When striped wallpaper is hung horizontally it can appear to elongate a wall and when hung vertically it can make ceilings seem higher up, as such it can create the illusion of adding extra height or length to a room. This makes striped wallpaper perfect for decorating small rooms such a box bedroom.

Splendid striped styles
As stripes are such a classic pattern they are readily available with a superb selection of different striped wallpaper styles. With endless striped styles in different colours and designs available there’s a stripe to suit every taste.

For striped wallpaper inspiration take a look at some of the most popular striped wallpaper styles.

* Classic stripes
Simple yet beautiful classic stripes are the most versatile and work well in any space being especially suited to hallways, bedrooms and living spaces. They are available in an array of colours to suit every taste. The stripes in their simplest form are often bands of one colour alongside white or stripes in two-tone varieties, with the two different colours of stripes creating a striped pattern. 

Stripes with a metallic or shimmer finish are eye-catching and create a high quality look. The classic stripes wallpaper feature narrow, medium or thick bands of stripes. Classic stripes patterned wallpaper feature stripes of crisp, clearly defined strips that are perfectly sized every time.

* Multi-stripe
Wallpaper featuring multi-stripe designs showcase stripes of colours in varying thicknesses with a repeated pattern of coloured stripes. The stripes are clearly defined strips that are perfectly sized every time.

Multi-striped wallpaper can either have stripes in different shades of one colour or be a vibrant array of different colours. This type of wallpaper is interest on the eye and works well in most spaces. Multi-stripe wallpaper with multi-colours, in particular bright and bold colours add an element of fun to a room as is great for children’s bedrooms or playrooms. 

* Loose stripes
Also available on the market are wallpaper designs with loose stripes that showcase striking irregular lines that give the air of free formed stripes. These loose striped wallpaper designs are charming, creative, eye-catching and often akin to a piece of artwork.

* Pinstripe
Wallpaper with pinstripe design feature very thin lines, often positioned close to one another, on top of one basic colour. Pinstripe wallpaper provide a smart, subtle look and is ideal for formal rooms such as a study or hallways.

* Imitation material stripes
Wallpaper feature an imitation material design that displays stripes are often wood effect old plank stripes. The wallpaper resembles wood planks with distinctive wood effect look and striped styles as wood planks are laid next to each other. The wood effect style wallpaper are available in a wide variety of different hues to suit all tastes. The wood effect style means the wood planks look unique and charming. Perfect for creating a modern, shabby chic look imitation material striped wallpaper works well in most rooms. It can be used to create a beach style interior, country style or modern back to basics design.

* Patterned stripes
Wonderful for adding a hint of creative and expressive flair to a room patterned stripes are eye-catching striped wallpaper with patterns incorporated in stripes, an artistic design creating a striped scene or a creative pattern overlaying a subtle striped design. 

Patterned striped wallpaper can create a traditional or modern look. With a huge range of different patterned striped wallpaper designs available there really is something for everyone.

Do you have striped wallpaper in your home?

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