Thursday 30 January 2020

Chicco Next2Me Magic Crib review

Sweet dreams with the Chicco Next2Me Magic Crib

During my most recent pregnancy in the midst of my nesting phase I prepared for the arrival of our third baby by creating a safe sleeping space for him. 

As we love co-sleeping but want to do so as safe as possible plus we wanted baby to be in close proximity for relaxed breastfeeding during the night we loved the idea of using a bedside cot. 

The Chicco Next2Me Magic side-sleeping crib suitable from 0 months+ was a dream solution for us to have baby close, safe, secure in his own space and within arms reach for breastfeeds and midnight baby duties.

As Chicco promote healthy and safe sleep for baby and parents and the Next2Me Magic crib is their most advanced side-sleeping crib which is designed to allow baby to sleep safely in close proximity to parents I had high hopes about the crib. Now that we have used it for a few weeks with our new baby I am delighted to say it has lived up to my expectations and wishes for a safe sleeping space for our baby.

3-in-1 crib
The award winning Next2Me Magic crib is a 3 in 1 solution for safer sleeping that can be used as a side-sleeping crib, stand-alone crib or as a travel crib thanks to the travel bag included.

Easy assembly
The crib requires self-assembly with detailed instructions on how to do so. The instructions not only detail how to assemble the crib but also highlight how to safely use it as a stand-alone or side-sleeping crib.

The crib was easy to put together thanks to its clever design. It was a simple matter of slotting pieces together until they securely clicked in place, securing the crib to the frame by closing poppers and zips then placing the mattress into the crib. I was impressed with the design of the crib and how easy it was to put up. Quick, easy and no faffing with screws!

Super stylish
The cool grey version (also available in white snow and sand) is a beautiful light grey design. The outside of the crib structure is grey with lighter grey piping and matching grey zips. The grey design of the crib matches the grey frame which safely holds the crib. 

The crib’s interior features a soft fabric that is adorned with a pinstripe detailing in subtle shades of grey and white. The gorgeous interior compliments the grey design of the outside of the crib.

I love the cool grey colour of the crib and I especially love the pinstripe fabric inside. It is a lovely design and colour scheme that gives the crib a luxurious, stylish look.

Easy to clean
As babies and sick often go hand in hand being able to easily clean their sleeping space is a must. With that in mind, I appreciate the fact that thanks to the zippers on the soft outer cover it can be removed easily for cleaning, making parenting that little less stressful.

Excellent air circulation
Providing comfort and safety the crib features two mesh side windows which ensures fantastic air ventilation for baby. The important mesh side windows are also brilliant for helping parents keep an eye on baby. 

I really appreciate the fact that the crib is designed with two mesh side windows so that air can flow through the cot for optimum air ventilation and love the fact that I can see my baby…...I’ve spent many a night gazing at him sleeping in his crib in awe of the little human we created.

I also love the fact that the mattress which comes included with the crib features a 3D mesh mattress cover which helps to generate extra air ventilation. Sheets do not come with the crib and mattress but are available to buy from Chicco.

The mattress feels comfortable and of high quality. It fits perfectly in the crib and our baby sleeps soundly on it. 

Sizeable sleeping space
The crib is quite large, being approximately 66cm deep, 92cm wide and 66cm in height. As it is roomy it will last our baby for along time from birth until he’s 9kg (max user weight). Thankfully for us we have enough room for it alongside our bed.

Easy to move
To make it easy to move around the house the crib features swivelling wheels. Even though it is a large crib I have found it a smooth experience moving it when needed.

For safety I love the easy to use secure brakes that ensure the crib stays safely in place when not on the move. To use the brakes each wheel has a small switch you have to push down on, minimal effort to secure the crib.

Rocking mode
When not secured to a bed and used in free standing mode the crib features a unique rocking mode. The manual rocking mode can be operated by unlocking the crib thanks to switches on either side of the crib.

The rocking mode means you can comfort your baby by manually rocking the crib to create gentle rocking motions to soothe, relax and encourage sleep. This an innovative and handy feature and I can appreciate how useful it is for helping make parenting that little bit easier.

Tilting feature
Providing optimum comfort for baby, the crib has been designed so that it can be tilted on one side up to four levels to help improve breathing, help baby’s digestion, manage reflux and ease congestion. I love this added feature which helps make parenting easier and facilitates improved sleeping. I also think it highlights the fact that Chicco have created a crib with baby’s safety and comfort at the forefront and showcase that it is very important to them.

Side-sleeping crib to fit any kind of bed
Thanks to flexible height adjustment that includes 11 different height levels and versatile legs with retractable feet the crib can be used as a side-sleeping crib with most types of adult beds, including divan beds.

It is easy to adjust the crib’s height with each side being adjusted separately and you can see what height level the crib is on by looking at the number showcased on the outside of the crib leg.

To safely secure the crib to the bed it comes with an easy to use safety harness kit.

Safe sleeping
We’ve mostly used the crib as a side-sleeping crib. Our baby loves being in the crib and sleeps safely and soundly in it. I have peace of mind that our baby is safely in his own space but is close by. It has made breastfeeding and soothing baby during the night a whole lot easier and has helped us settle into a great sleeping routine. Having my baby close by has also encourage baby-parent bonding.

One hand sliding side panel
One of my favourite features of this crib is the quick and easy to open one handed sliding side panel. You simply press a button to lower the side panel for easy access to baby.

This feature is a godsend when needing to breastfeed or soothe baby in the night. I love being able to reach my baby so easily from the comfort of my bed.

Sleeping like a baby
The crib has been a wonder for us and helped us all sleep soundly and enjoy sweet dreams - when baby sleeps happily I can sleep peacefully knowing he is safe and close. It has been amazing for supporting our breastfeeding journey and for being close to baby during the night when he needs soothing. 

We love the Chicco Next2Me Magic crib and as the name suggests it is a little bit of magic making parenting that little bit easier and helping us keep our baby safe, secure and comfortable when sleeping.

I’d highly recommend the crib especially for those wanting to use a side-sleeping crib with their baby. The Chicco Next2Me Magic crib (RRP £239) is available from a range of retailers including Argos and John Lewis.

* We were kindly gifted this Chicco Next2Me Magic side-sleeping crib for free in return for this review post *


  1. With all 3 of my babies they slept in a moses basket on the floor next to our bed. But I really love the look of this cot. So much easier to keep an eye on the baby.

  2. So lovely to have the crib next to you during the night, making night feeds and nappy changes that little bit easier. I do love that this comes with a tilting feature, perfect for reflux or when they have colds.

  3. What a great looking crib to have - it is wonderful that it offers a safe way to have baby sleeping next to you.

  4. We have a next to me crib and it is absolutely the best thing we have ever bought! We live in a 3 storey house so when our daughter outgrows it she will be on the floor above us which makes me nervous however with the next to me crib we have managed to keep her in with us for over 6 months. I have also found that she sleeps longer throughout the night as she knows I am right there next to her

  5. I've never seen a crib with a side like that before. that's really neat idea, not just for breastfeeding moms but also parents recovering from a surgery.

  6. That's so good that this has worked out well for you choosing to sleep close to your baby. And it's great you can travel with it too, saves you buying it twice x

  7. If we ever have another child, I'll definitely be getting a Chicco Next2Me crib - they seem great and I have only ever heard good things.

  8. Your baby looks so happy and comfortable in his new crib. It's great that you can attach it to your own bed, but also that it has a rocking function, to keep your baby asleep.

  9. This is a great idea. When babies are that young, I do not want to be away from them. This cot is great for middle of the night feeding and diaper changes. I only wish there was something like this when my children were still babies!

  10. My daughter has one of these and it is fab. Gutted they didnt exist when mine were small as they are such a great idea