Wednesday 19 February 2020

How to ensure you're moving with the professional times

Any employee or professional of any kind must not only provide their market value as part of their overall package (defined by skillsets and professionalism), but must do so within the lens of offering updated and timely practical skills to deliver those talents in the best sense. As time moves on, industries change. This means that tasks, roles and responsibilities change also.

Think of the fifty-year-old professionals working today who have seen the rise of social media as a valuable business marketing tool, and managed IT services as an essential part of project collaboration and development. They had to adapt, and if they couldn’t, it’s unlikely they held on to their positions as the decades passed.

But how can you ensure you’re moving with the professional times in the best sense, and from there, how do you define your best efforts? This is worth keeping in mind, because it can truly make all of the difference going forward, and will help you keep your opportunities open. With that in mind, please consider the following:

The Latest Software Suites
The latest software suites are now comprised in a manner that increases productivity and collaboration in all forms, because in any office, productivity wins. No matter if you’re learning the Microsoft suite and the very many ways you can use Powerpoint or Excel documents to present or gather data respectively, or if you’re using something more akin to your industry such as editing software like Avid Media Composer, reading the patch notes, training your ability to learn the hidden shortcuts and tricks, and being able to perform those reliably will only help you improve your general working capacity in the best possible sense.

HR Requirements & Training
HR has changed as time has gone on. Now, firms do take harassment cases seriously, and will often have new and intensive requirements for their staff members to follow. This allows for easier social cohesion and also the protection of each individual employee. It’s important to understand the new lines of thinking and to adapt yourself to those changes, because ultimately this creates a safer and more sociable work environment for everyone in your building. Additionally, understanding that you can report issues, especially if you are the victim, without fear of consequence should help you learn that you are also entitled to your personal, professional respect.

Infinite Correspondance Management
It’s often the case that many of us have little idea of what to do with our vast array of emails each morning, and that can, unfortunately, be a real problem. Learning how to tag, manage and prioritize emails using categories, bookmarks, auto-replies, brevity in your replies and also CC’ing the correct people into your correspondence takes time, but it’s worth doing so. We would recommend looking into your email provider or hoster and refine your chosen settings accordingly.

With this advice, we hope you can move with the professional times as smoothly as possible.

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