Saturday 1 February 2020

Gioteck WX-4 arctic-camo controller review

Celebrate Fortnite's split-screen mode with Gioteck's new arctic-camo and purple controllers for PlayStation 4™ and Nintendo Switch® 

Back in December I shared the exciting news that one of the world’s leading gaming accessories brands, Gioteck were releasing new Fortnite inspired controllers for the PlayStation 4™ and Nintendo Switch® 

After much anticipation the three new Fortnite inspired controller colourways are now in-store and online at Argos.

The VX-4 and WX-4 controllers are available as follows:
* VX-4 purple wireless for PS4 RRP £34.99. Buy VX-4 purple.
* VX-4 arctic-camo wired for PS4 RRP £19.99. Buy VX-4 arctic-camo.
* WX-4 arctic-camo wireless for Nintendo Switch RRP £29.99. Buy WX-4 arctic-camo.

Designed for gamers needing a second controller for Fortnite’s long awaited split-screen player mode, the two new VX-4 PlayStation 4™ models include a cool arctic-camo white wired controller and a wireless Fortnite inspired purple colourway. 

The WX-4 Nintendo Switch® arctic-camo version, launching in anticipation of future split screen functionality, is available in a wireless format. 

WX-4 arctic-camo wireless controller for Nintendo Switch® 
As our eldest is a huge Fortnite fan and loves to immerse himself in the action-packed, colourful world of Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch® he has been getting to grips with the new Gioteck WX-4 arctic-camo controller as he eagerly awaits the release of split screen functionality on the Switch.

Arriving in a compact box the controller came with a small user manual and micro-USB cable for  charging.

Showcasing shades of grey against crisp white the arctic-camo controller is ice-cool. Complementing the striking arctic-camo design on the front of the controller, the rear of the controller is a lovely shade of grey.

The arctic-camo controller is a fun and stylish design. As camo print is synonymous with combat and reminiscent of action having a camo design for a Fortnite inspired controller is a great idea and perfect for shoot-em up, military-esque games. 

As camouflage is commonly displayed in the traditional green camo design it is refreshing to see a white camo version in this snowy arctic-camo design.

The controller offers traditional button layout that means gamers can instinctively get their game on with this controller. Thanks to traditional button placement and clever design it is easy to play with this controller and tap all buttons with ease for smooth gaming. Not only are the buttons in a great layout they are also robust being well used by our eldest during intense, action packed shoot-outs in Fortnite. The thumbsticks and buttons are also satisfyingly clicky.

The controller features thumb sticks, D-pad, rear L1/L2 and R1/R2 triggers as well as +, -, home and screen capture buttons.  Plus as it primarily designed for use on the Nintendo Switch it has X, Y, A and B buttons in the same layout as the Switch’s pro-controller and joy-cons.

We’ve found the buttons and thumbsticks to be accurate and responsive during a variety of different game styles. Our Fortnite mad eldest has loved using the Gioteck WX-4 arctic-camo controller to play Fortnite and has found gaming with it great, with the accurate and responsive controller helping him score a number of Victory Royales.

Built with premium materials and a terrific design the WX-4 offers superb comfort plus excellent battery life thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery for marathon gaming sessions. Thanks to ergonomic and lightweight design it feels comfortable in the hand being wonderful for long gaming sessions. It’s comfortable and lightweight design makes it especially great for children.

Whilst is is a lightweight controller it feels robust and solid in the hand showcasing the premium quality materials used and supreme built quality. As it is robust it has easily withstood energetic gaming from our 4 year old who can be quite heavy on the buttons whilst playing games such as Mario Kart and Monster Jam Steel Titans.

This arctic-camo version of the WX-4 is a wireless controller that features bluetooth technology. It connects quickly and easily to the Nintendo Switch, with connection to the PS3 just as easy. The wireless capability of this controller makes is ideal for children so you don’t have to worry about them getting tangled up with wires if they have a tendency to move with the controller (think leaning into turns as if they are immersed in the world of racing in Mario Kart) or tugging on the wire and pulling the Switch over during enthusiastic play.

This wireless controller also offers motion control and vibration. The rumble feels very substantial and great for the price of the controller.  The controller also features LEDs for power and player number. Not an issue for us but the controller does not offer NFC compatibility to use amiibos in games.

Like the other WX-4 controllers we own - wired blue and wireless black editions - this third party arctic-camo controller provides pro-gaming quality and total ergonomic comfort at an incredible price.

Compatible with Nintendo Switch, PC and PS3 this controller offers great value for money. As we also have a PS3 it extremely handy as a back- up controller for PS3 gaming when not being enjoyed with the Nintendo Switch.

Not only do we love the blend of premium quality, vibrant designs, traditional layout and comfortable design but we also love the Gioteck WX-4 controllers for their excellent reliability. The buttons are responsive when crucially needed in gameplay, they work perfectly with the Nintendo Switch everytime and we’ve never had an issue of needing to recalibrate like we have with other controllers including Nintendo’s own controllers.

Boasting a number of great features and offering respectable reliability this is a great alternative to the Nintendo Pro controller but at a fraction of the price!

Thanks to cool designs such as this arctic-camo design and affordable price point the Gioteck WX-4 controllers are ideal for my children who are part of the new generation of gamers.

The Gioteck WX4 is available now and retails at £29.99 for the wireless edition available in black and arctic-camo, and £19.99 for the wired version available in red, blue and silver.

Gamers get that Victory Royale in Fortnite with this magnificent military style WX-4 arctic-camo controller by Gioteck!

* We were gifted this controller for free for this post *


  1. My son would definitley like the colour/ styling of the arctic camo controller. I love how intuitive things are now, you don't need big instructions manuals anymore. Michn x

  2. Oh my gosh I wish I had read this when I was doing my Christmas shopping, I had no idea about controllers when I was buying my son's and it had to go back shortly after being opened!! :D

  3. These controllers look really cool although in our house none of the kids are Fortnite fans!

  4. That's a really cool design, I love a bit of camou - have a t-shirt on just like it today actually!

  5. My Daughter loves fortnight and Purple is one of her favourite colours lo, my son though needs a decent controller on his switch for games like this, this seems worth looking into.

  6. That is a great price, I nearly fell over when my son broke his and the cost to replace it with an official one

  7. Love the camo controller and what a great price too - I can see a lot of Fortnite (and other game) fans wanting that one... :)

  8. Oh wow these look so cool! My son is a huge Fortnite fan so I know he would love these. Its such a shame they don't do them for the XBOX though as that is what console he has, fingers crossed they might in the future!

  9. Oh this look absolutely brilliant . Alessia is a and mad fortnite fan and would love one