Monday 23 November 2020

The benefits of remote control and robotic toys for children plus 5 cool RC toys


Following on from our post about STREAM toys and the benefits of them for children here we are looking at the benefits of RC (remote control) and robotic toys for children.

STREAM learning

RC and robotic toys support STREAM learning. With RC and robotic toys being a tech toy they introduce children to the wonderful world of technology in a very fun way. Children can learn how a robot works and how to control one or can learn cause and effect as they control their RC toy. 

As well as putting the T in STREAM thanks to the technological aspect, RC and robotic toys can also support other elements of STREAM learning. Depending on the type of RC or robot toy it can support science, reading, arts and so much more! For example a stunt RC car can spark conversation and learning about science topics such as motion, force and speed. Or a robot who sings and dances encourages learning the arts. 

Helps develop key skills

RC and robotic toys also provide physiological benefits. They can help enhance spatial awareness, spatial intelligence, develop awareness skills and increase dexterity and hand-eye coordination. 

In addition younger children can develop their fine motor skills as they use remotes to control their vehicles and robots. Remote control toys can also help children understand direction as they move the toy.

Spark imagination and creativity

Playing with RC vehicles and robots can inspire children to be creative and can help children use their imagination. For example a child playing with a stunt RC car might imagine they are a stunt person performing death defying stunts or create a race track to speed around.


RC and robotic toys are pure, simple fun. Kids can enjoy socialising with friends whilst playing on them. They can also encourage kids to get away from screens and RC vehicles that can be used outdoors can get kids out of the home and active. 

RC and robotic toys

There are a wide variety of RC toys available on the market. Here are 5 fun, affordable and techtastic RC toys that would be great gifts for your child this Christmas.


This RC Robot (RRP £26.99) is an all singing, dancing, moving and walking robot. Made from eco-friendly, non-toxic ABS plastic it is durable and features LED eyes.

The robot is programmable and can perform 50 actions. Using the infrared controller a child can input 50 motion commands to make the robot come to life. It also features clever gesture sensing technology. The sensor receiver zone on the chest responds quickly to various gesture commands to move forward, backward, left and right. 

This fun robot also features an innovative patrol function. After the patrol function is activated, the robot will move freely to observe and thanks to its in-built sensor the intelligent robot can detect and avoid obstacles.  The robot is all singing and dancing, as it can sing 5 songs and with eye light flashing dance to the music. 

After enjoying 60 minutes of play time the robot can be brought back to life by charging the rechargeable battery using the included USB cable in approximately  120 minutes.

SGILE 4WD Remote Control Stunt Car
The SGILE 4WD Remote Control Stunt Car (RRP £21.99) is a beast of a RC stunt car. Available in bold green and vibrant red it is a colourful car. This RC car is not a fragile racing car, it is a durable stunt racing machine that can wow with incredible stunts and showcase immense power. It provides endless fun and can do tumbling flips and 360° spins. When it comes to power it packs a punch and can reach high speeds. It also features 4 wheel drive and 2 powerful motor systems so the stunt car can handle multi-terrains. 

It features robust TRP rubber tires with bumpy texture and strong grip for stunt-tastic indoor and outdoor play on a variety of surfaces. The high quality, durable stunt car is made out of premium ABS plastic and non-toxic explosion-proof PVC materials. Equipped with a long lasting, upgraded battery, it provides lots of powerful entertainment.

The fun can be shared, if you have more than one of these RC stunt cars you can race. Set up stunts such as toy cars to jump over, race tracks to speed around or stadiums to freestyle incredible stunts and 360s for awesome fun as children’s imaginations run wild with this stunt-tastic toy. 

ANTAPRCIS Large RC Dinosaur Robot

The RC Dinosaur Robot (RRP £59.99) is an interactive, robotic dinosaur. The bionics design is based on the iconic dinosaur tyrannosaurus rex. The roar-some dinosaur features LED eyes creating a robotic look and vivid, dinosaur sound to make the robot dinosaur more realistic. 

The dinosaur robot features innovative touch sensing technology. Touch the interactive respondent area in the head and the RC dinosaur will interact by shaking its head and whipping its powerful tail. Touching the head multiple times also triggers different dinosaur sounds. You can also use the remote control to get the dinosaur to walk or slide along the floor. It can also be programmed to perform multiple actions to showcase a series of actions in one go.

The RC dino is a bionic beast and like the dino it is inspired by it is a powerful dinosaur. The RC dinosaur features battle mode. Set off fight signals from the transmitter and the dinosaur roars and performs the battle action by locking onto a target and launching sucker bullets.Not only can the robot dinosaur fight but it can dance too with different prerecorded music. 

Perfect for dinosaur and robot fans the RC dinosaur robot is roar-some fun. Let’s battle and let’s dance together!!


The RC racing car (RRP £29.99) is a speedy drift truck perfect for speeding around. Powered by a strong, powerful motor making the car fast and furious, the RC car can drift and reach upto a speed of 18km/h, giving you a thrilling drift experience perfect for speed demons.

The two powerful rechargeable batteries offer a total power play of 50 minutes for speed-tastic fun. 100% toy tested, it is built out of high-quality ABS and PA material and the car has undergone impact and drop tests, ensuring toughness and maximum durability.

Designed with an easy-to-learn, trigger-style remote control with quick and precise response, this RC car is the best gift choice for beginners. The RC car is perfect for team play. Get your friends together and play with multiple RC cars with no signal interference. Help your kids develop their social and teamwork skills.


The Robot Dog (RRP £44.99) is the perfect pet.  The cute robot dog is friendly, adorable and obedient. 

Thanks to a simple control system the smart robot dog obediently follows your commands and can walk, bark, wink and go on patrol. The well-behaved robot dog can also sing and dance with flashing lights shining from the dog’s back. 

Strong and robust the dog can withstand lots of loving attention from little ones. Perfect for little ones wanting a pet to love and those who like robots, the robot dog features a touch sensitive head which when petted makes the dog excited and loving.

What RC toy would your child like the most?

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