Wednesday 28 July 2021

Top Tips for Helping Your Child Learn a New Language

Learning languages at home will not only support your child’s education, but it will also benefit their future. Furthermore, studies show that multilingual children have enriched personal skills.

If you would like to know how to help your child learn a new language, here are some great tips from an independent school for girls in London

Learn daily

Language learning takes a lot of dedication. If you want your child to reach a fluent level they will need to practice daily. You can do this at home using books or websites, but one of the best ways to establish a good routine is by booking a place for your child at a local language class. If you decide to stick with home learning, it can be helpful to hang some translation posters up on the walls. These will help your child to memorise words by seeing them every day.

Learn online

There are lots of helpful language learning resources available online. Many are free and very easy for children to use. Learning online is an ideal way to encourage language practice through fun and interactive games. Help your child to get started on your computer, or download a language learning app onto your smart phone or iPad.

Learn through video

Foreign-language videos are incredible beneficial for language learning, especially for children. This is because they can follow along visually, whilst listening to native conversation and pause or rewind if needed. This learning technique is really effective for improving pronunciation and fluency.

Learn through music

Finally, music is a powerful tool for learning. We’ve all had a catchy get stuck in our head; well studies show that listening to music can also help you to memorise a new language. For younger children you could introduce them to foreign nursery rhymes or songs. This will really help to give them a head start in their language learning. 

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