Tuesday 7 June 2022

Exploring Internet Safety with Your Child

While the internet is a wondrous place with no limits to what you can explore, it can also be a stressful and harmful environment. There are many risks associated with the internet and what it can bring to users, both adults and as children. 

Your child will eventually be using the internet on a regular basis, which is why you should teach them about the importance of being safe online.

This independent school in London explores the ways you can browse the internet safely with your child and give them the tools to know what to do if they feel at risk.

Point out the telltale signs of online scams

While scams and misconceptions online are becoming more clever, there are still a lot of classic signs that can help children figure out when they’re being scammed. If your child has an email they may find phishing emails appearing, that can also appear as texts on your mobile phone. When browsing a website there are also many fake ads that can throw children off - show them what to look out for and test their knowledge when browsing online.

Show your child the importance of not sharing sensitive information

A lot of scams and the potential for danger can happen between messages, friend requests on social media and through apps as well. In this new age of media your child doesn’t have to use a laptop to access online resources. 

Around teenager age your child will probably be using a smartphone a lot more often, as well as playing games where online chatting is encouraged. These are perfect opportunities for children to fall for scams where they’re made to share personal information. 

Let them know how dangerous this is to do. Credit cards, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers are examples of data that should never be shared among strangers online.

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