Friday 22 July 2022

The importance of pastoral care in schools

Pastoral care. It isn’t a term that’s commonly known but plays a big role within schools for the health and wellbeing of a student. Essentially, it is a provision given by teachers to help form a strong foundation for learning. It helps with both personal development as well as academic progress of an individual. Want to find out more? Here is some advice from a prep school in Belgravia on the importance of pastoral care in schools. 

When parents decide the school they’d like to send their child to, they like to know that their children are going to be safe and taken care of for the periods of time that they are there. This is where pastoral care comes in. The importance of it is vital for a healthy student with great academic success. Good pastoral care in school aids to the development of character and skills that will be needed further on in life. Programmes such as PSHE, which teach life skills based on personal, social, health and economic help with this too.

A great way to notice great pastoral care in a school, is when they it is at the centre of operations within learning. Everything in a school can be helped with pastoral care and can be evidenced through academic progress. You can also identify it within the relations of teachers and students and how friendly the environment is. Individual treatment by teachers is also a way to figure out the quality of pastoral care within the school. 

Pastoral care actually introduces programmes into schools to help keep students as happy as possible. Stress and mental health can be big concerns when it comes to students as a healthy mindset leads to better education. Positive programmes teach a better approach to learning and communicating with students to ensure they are fit to implement their knowledge better. It starts with the staff and is an important part of keeping a healthy learning environment.

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